"A fair tax system is a must!"

"A fair tax system is a must!"
Date: 2.8.2023 14:00

Taxes turn into punishment and increase the income inequality in the society.

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In Turkey, which is struggling with the economic crisis and high inflation, the backs of large sections of the public have been bent with the tax hikes.
Unjust tax policies also increased the income gap between the rich and the poor.


Social Security Specialist Ali Tezel evaluated the income inequality and tax problem in Turkey.
"We collect the same tax from everyone without distinction between rich and poor. This is not true, Tezel said.
"On the other hand, the tax exemption of large-scale companies if they bring in foreign currency is another matter. Almost everyone says that the tax system in Turkey is corrupt. So where is the place to fix the problems in the tax system? Grand National Assembly of Türkiye. However, while more than 70 percent of the deputies in the Turkish Grand National Assembly are industrialists and businessmen, can our country have a fair tax system? We cannot expect tax justice from an union of employers," Tezel added.


Stating that both income and tax injustice are caused by political cadres, economist İbrahim Kahveci said, "All political parties in Turkey are going over issues such as minimum wage and pension. However, for the development of our country, we need to focus on the private sector, which is outside of these issues."
"The private sector, which we can call the middle income group, is almost punished with taxes. We miss the number of companies that went bankrupt due to capital hostility in the Turkish press. The tax burden on entrepreneurs who take risks, provide employment and produce and the private sector should be alleviated. We need to encourage it with a fair tax system. Unfortunately, rentier economy is supported in Turkey instead of the private sector. While non-production and employment-oriented wealth should be taxed, the private sector that provides added value to our country is punished with heavy taxes," Kahveci added.


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