"The main problem is popularity"

"The main problem is popularity"
Date: 22.12.2018 12:00

Millî Gazete continues to examine the problems in the publishing sector and the output of poor quality books.

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On the previous day, we talked to experts about the impact of society on sexual abuse and the process of preparation of the books that describe violence. Today, this becomes the industry's meeting with Turkey's leading publishing how come, we talked about what needs to be done. Osman Koca, the editor of Beyan Publications.
Abdullah Aydın Demir, Coordinator of the Yenidevir Publishing House, spoke to the Millî Gazete. What triggers this is that the author reaches the reader more through the media. This brings populism. People who are outraged, differing, saying 'I'll say it differently, I'm more popular', come up with those who target adolescent psychology and don't care about the general moral framework of society. It's popular, it's a phenomenon and there's more to it. Due to this concern, they do not care to leave negative effects on society. While television broadcasts are being audited by RTÜK, a pre-audit committee can be established within the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.
“They look at the scene with their eyes“
Abdullah Aydın Demir, who mentioned about the preparation process for the publishing house, said: "Therefore, we prepare our works with several editors. We examine the suitability of the pedagogical formation with the experts. Since we think that every publication produced will affect one human being and, moreover, the future of all humanity positively, we also calculate the size of the work. Many publishers are now looking at the event from the point of view of material and quality, and this brings out poor quality work," he said.
Osman Koca, Beyan Publications and Magazine Editor, told our newspaper that the process started in 1960. The arguments in the Turkish printing house after 1960 were abandoned to use indirect and winding roads to attack Islam, he said. After 60 years of not recognizing this deep danger, the generation left the place of the East, the great and kavi and turned to the West. On the basis of 60, the first generation did not leave their dissenting ideas, although they started reading them.


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