A strong step towards a free Palestine: Digital Memory Center

A strong step towards a free Palestine: Digital Memory Center
Date: 16.3.2022 12:00

Ahmet Faruk Asa, who is in charge of the Digital Memory Center project, explained the Digital Memory Center to the Milli Gazete for the first time.

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The Digital Memory Center, which was established under the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, started its activities on March 13, 2022.
The Digital Memory Center, which was created as a result of great efforts, consists of very important sub-units.
The biggest short-term goal of the Digital Memory Center, which has remarkable subheadings from the website to the virtual museum, from the publishing house to the game, from cartoons and animations to virtual reality work, is to raise awareness on the Palestinian issue.
In the medium term, it is aimed to provide the dynamism that will mobilize international institutions and organizations, and in the long term, it is aimed to help end the occupation that Palestine has been facing for years.


Ahmet Faruk Asa, the project manager of the Digital Memory Center, which appeals to everyone from 7 to 70 and is an important step on the road to the freedom of Palestine, explained the content, aims and details of the study to our newspaper.
Asa shared very important information about the Digital Memory Center in his statements.
"The Digital Memory Center is a project of the Ummah. I must say that it appeals to everyone from 7 to 70. This project should meet everyone. We should raise our children with the cartoons in this project, we should be involved with the games that came out of this project. Our middle generations should read the books in this project and form circles. The awareness of a generation that can grow up with this project will be very strong. We want to create a generation that knows the region very well and knows Israel very well," he said.
War and perception methods have changed What is the Digital Memory Center?
"Being a society is an intricate and cumulative partnership that is not limited to the present and being concrete, but connected with the past, the future and concrete thoughts. Therefore, social memory is a mechanism that has to be meticulously preserved, to be constantly standing and alive, and that expresses an existential value for the society. Those who lose their memory are considered to have lost their identity, and those who lose their identity are considered to have lost their existence. In our age when war and perception methods have changed, Palestinians are not only faced with armed repression, but also with the erasure of their own concepts, place names and testimonies, in the broadest sense, from their memories. The indifference of international legal mechanisms to this situation increases Israel's pressure on the Palestinians day by day. As a result of all these, we find it extremely important to record the collective memory of Palestine in its entirety in order to make the Palestine issue a correct meaning today and to leave this legacy to future generations. We believe that accurately recording and conveying what happened in the past and present of Palestine, which has been struggling for existence under the shadow of traumas for years, is one of the biggest struggles to be given regarding the Palestinian society, which it wants to eliminate in the future, both concretely and abstractly. The Digital Memory Center is a project that aims to record the memory of Palestine and transfer it to the society together with the elements of technology and digitality. It also aims to create a founding generation."


Could you inform us about the content of the Digital Memory Center?
"The Digital Memory Center consists of six pillars. The first pillar is the website. We built the website as a central database. The website has ten sections. One of them is biographies and the other is a timeline. In order to know the region well, we need to know the continuities and changes well. From past to present, we must be able to comprehend the Palestinian issue uninterruptedly. Another section of the site is concepts... Concepts are prerequisites for thoughts. For this reason, we must think with our own concepts and understand the struggle correctly. Another part is the exhibition part... Palestinians occupy an important position in art and literature. We brought together works of art made about Palestine in the exhibitions section. Another important part consists of videos and documentaries. While designing this section, we aimed to rebuild memory. We aimed to convey the multidimensional projections of violations on maps, which are another part of the site, and to draw attention to the effects of geography on historical events. Another important area of ​​ours is the library. We designed this section as a guide to understanding Palestine. At this point, we have compiled hundreds of books to deal with Palestine with a strong approach. We also created a strong awareness proposal for multidimensional crises in info graphics, which is another area of ​​ours. Another strategic area is historical documents. With these documents, we look at Palestine with a continuous flow in the dimension of time. Israel is trying to crush the memory of a society. At this point, our studies on historical documents are of great importance. Finally, in the column section, we will include columns about Palestine in the future. These are part of our project. As the Digital Memory Center, we also have a publishing house project."
"Within the scope of this project, we will only do broadcasting activities on the Palestinian issue. We will bring the works that are the legacy of the past to the present, and we will reveal new works. Another project of ours is a game project. The starting point of the game project is as follows; Along with developing technologies, new generations' understanding of games and entertainment is also changing. With the games to be designed within the Digital Memory Center, both entertainment and knowledge will come together and exploring Palestine will become more enjoyable. Another project of ours is virtual reality... In this project, we are using virtual reality technology to carry out a study that allows us to examine architecture and historical structures in life, in any period of Palestinian history, in short, making you a time tourist. Another pillar of our project is cartoons and animation. With the cartoons and animations to be prepared within the Digital Memory Center, it is aimed to bring together the people, places, events and places of Palestine with the determined age group. This pillar of our work will be operational in the near future. Finally, I would like to introduce one of the most strategic areas of the Digital Memory Center; Digital Memory Museum. With this project, we are making a very strong awareness proposal. The digital museums that we aim to create against the threat of eradicating Palestine's past will shed light on the realities of the past and the future," Asa added.


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