Abdulkadir Özkan: "Being a global power"

Abdulkadir Özkan: "Being a global power"
Date: 10.8.2023 18:00

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes on Türkiye. Here is the full article.

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In his speech at the opening of the Ambassadors Conference, Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan said that the EU cannot be a global power without Turkey. Whether or not the EU is a global power is of course of interest to Turkey, but I think what Turkey does or has to do to become a global power is of greater concern to us.
Isn't it more important for us than the future of the EU to emphasize that we want to enter the EU and present it to our people as the goal to be achieved?
Because despite the fact that we have been waiting at the door of the EU for years, they say that we neither buy nor do not buy to Turkey. We give some homework just by pretending to take it and as Turkey we try to fulfill these assignments.
While doing this, some changes occur in our own cultural and belief values. As a result, we could neither become fully Western nor remain ourselves in the course of time.
Things are not just about that. Although Turkey is a member of NATO and fulfills its duties in NATO, EU countries do not attach much importance to it for some reason.
By the way, the fact that Turkey is still waiting at the door after the collapse of the Soviet Union, while the former Iron Curtain countries were admitted to the EU membership with sleight of hand, shows that they do not want to see our country among the EU countries.
By the way, I think it goes without saying that there is no explanation why Turkey is being held at the door even though they accept Cyprus and Greece as members.
From one point of view, considering that the EU is under the control of Greece, it is now necessary for Turkey to stop creating some plans and expectations regarding the EU. Because this situation paves the way for Turkey to see itself as an EU member even though it is not an EU member. This often brings up some disappointments for our country and our people.
Moreover, the EU's becoming a global power rather than the efforts to make our country a global power is beginning to interest us more.
In the meantime, we have to think about why our country has not been made an EU member even though it has been a member of NATO since 1952. In this respect, we have to stop waiting at the EU gate, where we are in a serious blood conflict, and shut the door in their faces.
We should not forget that the event that enabled our NATO membership was that we sent soldiers to Korea upon the invitation of NATO countries and that there was the effort and sacrifice of our offspring there. Thus, our country is the first country to be admitted to membership after the founding members. So, we paid a price to join NATO.
The issue is not only about sending soldiers to Korea, but our country has sent soldiers wherever it was needed in the world, and has done its best on behalf of NATO. My purpose in reminding these is not to display valor.
However, we have to understand that Turkey is kept waiting at the door while countries that have not paid any price are being made members of NATO and the EU, and we have to see that they cannot fit Turkey among them. As I have stated several times in this column, the EU and even NATO are Crusader alliances. One is a political and economic alliance and the other is a military alliance.
In other words, the Crusaders consider their religious unity in every step they take, and when it comes to our turn, I think they impose and expect us to resemble them with similar feelings.
In this respect, it doesn't matter much for them that Turkey makes them a global power. If it were, Türkiye would have been made a member of the EU by now. We now have to see the truth behind the fact that Turkey was not accepted while a Malta and Cyprus were accepted.


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