Abdulkadir Özkan: "If vaccination is the solution to prevent the pandemic, necessary action should be taken"

Abdulkadir Özkan: "If vaccination is the solution to prevent the pandemic, necessary action should be taken"
Date: 29.7.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes on vaccination process and Covid-19 pandemic. Here is the full article.

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After each release, there is a serious increase in the pandemic. During the 9-day holiday on the occasion of Eid al-Adha, a large part of our people hurled them from one place to another in the country. When tourists from foreign countries are added to this, the number of daily cases jumped from 4,000 to 19-20 thousand. We will see whether it will reach higher figures in the coming days, the current picture is not encouraging, it prevents us from looking to the future with hope. Adding to this, the cry that 19 out of 20 patients are unvaccinated, in the statements made by the relevant people and health professionals, especially the Minister of Health, Fahrettin Koca, it makes no sense to take the discourses of some under the stairs whisper production centers seriously.
When the callousness of a part of our people is added to this, the situation turns into a complete uncertainty. On the one hand, all officials and relevant officials state that the reason for such a sudden increase in the epidemic is those who are not vaccinated, and when the complacency prevailing in the society is added to this, it paves the way for the alarm bells to ring faster. I am not an expert on health, but we say that vaccination is the most important issue in epidemics, based on our past experiences. However, despite all these, the hesitations of the society against the vaccine have not been completely eliminated. In this case, if the most effective way to prevent the epidemic is to be vaccinated, the relevant people should take the necessary steps in this regard. Especially in vaccination, it is necessary to reach the figure that will provide social immunity as soon as possible.
If the whispering wind of some circles continues despite the explanations of the experts in this business, who work day and night for the treatment of patients in hospitals, then it seems inevitable that some new measures will be taken. Because in the news reflected in the newspapers, 126 of the 130 patients hospitalized in Feriha Öz Emergency Hospital consisted of those who were not vaccinated. Chief Physician Prof. Dr. Nurettin Yiyit said that those who are not vaccinated endanger both their own lives and the society, "People waited months for a vaccine to be found. Now we are waiting for people to get vaccinated. We became the health workers for the first vaccine. Do we love ourselves less?" he says. Murat Dilmener Hospital Chief Physician Prof. Dr. Gökhan Tolga Adaş says the following: "We have 188 patients. There are 34 people in intensive care. The vast majority of inpatients are not vaccinated." While giving his information, Kartal City Hospital Chief Physician Prof. Dr. Recep Demirhan "We have 50 inpatients. Only 5% have been vaccinated," he emphasizes the importance of the vaccine.
This shows that there are two different views on the vaccine. One of them defends the thesis that everyone should be vaccinated as soon as possible. Others argue that there is no benefit to getting vaccinated. It is difficult for people to understand the clash of such two different views on a subject that concerns human life. Because if the way to prevent the epidemic is without vaccination, those who claim otherwise are on the side that threatens public health, and no one should have the right to do so. The opposite, that is, there is no benefit to being vaccinated, and if there is a harm, it should be made clear to the public about this issue, and the relevant authorities are making the necessary explanations in this regard. Vaccination opponents have to prove the truth of what they say. Because the supporters of the vaccine, especially in the increasing number of cases in recent days, show that the majority of those who are not vaccinated have reached the majority, by giving figures from the hospitals. In this case, it means that the anti-vaccine is committing a crime. In short, shouldn't people stop making such a polemic issue for whatever reason, when they are worried about their health?


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