Abdulkadir Özkan: "Perception does not replace reality"

Abdulkadir Özkan: "Perception does not replace reality"
Date: 17.8.2023 17:30

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes on Turkish government. Here is the full article.

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The government assigns the responsibility for the negativities to the opposition or some forces, thus trying to create a perception that negativity is not something to be taken seriously. It is obvious that it has been successful in this. Considering the recently announced hunger and poverty line figures, there is a very small happy minority in our country.
A very large part of the society is struggling with hunger or poverty. Because, according to the results of the research announced, those with an income of 39 thousand 800 liras were poor, and those with an income of 11 thousand 500 liras lived on the poverty line. As such, a large part of my country is condemned to hunger or an income below the poverty line.
At the moment, I will not dwell on who is responsible for this. However, I think it would not be wrong to think that those who have been in power for more than 20 years are largely responsible for this work. However, I should point out right away that it would not be wrong to say that the holders of power are successful in creating a perception in terms of turning the reality upside down and presenting the negativities as positive.
While one of the news reflected in the newspapers yesterday was about the hunger and poverty line, the news in some newspapers on the same day was remarkable.
Because, while in one news it was pointed out that people were shopping all night long in the stores in Beyoğlu under the headline "It's packed at 3 am", in another news, a warning under the headline "There is no vacant place in the restaurant" drew attention.
In this warning, it was reminded that most of the customers were not tourists but Turks.
By the way, right next to the same news, in the news under the title of family support deposited into the account, it is stated that the Minister announced that the payments within the scope of the family support program are deposited into the account.
It was stated that this support was given as 350-650 lira child support and 112-225 lira electrical support.
In the meantime, in the news that pointed out that the restaurants were jam-packed, there was also the information that as a society, we are used to eating outside instead of cooking at home, and there are no vacancies in restaurants for this.
In our country, where the hunger limit is 11 thousand 500 liras and the poverty line is 39 thousand 800 liras, it is necessary to consider how much relief will be provided to those who receive this aid, given that 112 to 650 liras are provided under the name of family assistance.
In this column, I would like to emphasize a point that I have drawn attention to before. Because the duty of the state is not to push people into poverty, but to increase their welfare level. Is it realistic to think that people will get out of poverty with little support while pushing people into poverty?
By the way, when we consider together the last hikes reported under the headline of "Raise missile" in the media yesterday, considering that a store in Beyoğlu is overcrowded as a sign that the economy has recovered will not change the fact that a large part of the society has been condemned to hunger and poverty.
Because the hikes trigger inflation, which means that the money in the pockets of those with low and fixed incomes is taken through inflation and transferred to the rich. It goes without saying that especially the hikes in fuel have affected every aspect of life and triggered an increase in prices.
In short, the economic life works so well that while one side, in other words, a minority, does not know what poverty is, large masses have to think about how to bring the end of the month.
In this respect, full restaurants do not cure the problems of those who have to send their children to school without paying any money. As a result, the unrealistic perceptions that are tried to be created are not enough to deceive the society. Society wants solutions.


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