Abdülkadir Özkan: "The U.S. seeks to nationalize PKK"

Abdülkadir Özkan: "The U.S. seeks to nationalize PKK"
Date: 20.9.2023 12:00

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes on US' support for terror organization PKK. Here is the full article.

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I was not surprised when I saw the news titled "USA guarded an arms factory for the PKK" in yesterday's edition of a newspaper. Because it is no longer unknown that the "Greater Middle East Project", which was announced years ago, is a project to divide the countries of the region into smaller pieces.
As such, the USA and its allies first created some terrorist organizations in the region, and began to train and arm the established ones.
Now, another step has been taken by the USA, which has established a weapons factory for PKK-YPG. It is not known yet how true the news is, but since the source of the news is the confessions of a captured terrorist, I do not think it is completely fictitious.
In this case, it would be wrong to pass the incident without thinking and interpreting it. However, it would not be wrong to think that some undeclared moves are on the agenda, such as the fact that the USA has established a weapons factory for a terrorist organization in our region.
For example, in order to establish a weapons factory for a terrorist organization, the factory to be established must first have its own territory or a significant part of the countries in the region must be under the control of terrorist organizations. Because no country wants a weapons factory to be established on behalf of a terrorist organization on its territory.
Because they know that the weapons produced in that factory may one day return to them. In addition, although the USA has provided enough weapons to terrorist organizations in our region, the fact that it has also established a weapons factory for terrorist organizations brings to mind the next step in this matter, which will be to nationalize the PKK.
Let me just point out that this aspect of the plan has also been announced and announced in the past. Meanwhile, a 6 billion dollar swap agreement was signed between the USA and Iran, and both sides released 5 detainees, along with the 6 billion dollars seized by the USA under the name of nuclear sanctions. In other words, the issue is not just about the release of Iran's $6 billion confiscated due to the embargo.
Meanwhile, there is also the release of 5 detainees each. The country that mediates between the USA and Iran is Qatar. In this regard, it is necessary to see efforts to lay the groundwork for future steps in the region. Because, on the one hand, the USA is improving its relations with Armenia and almost encouraging Armenia in some of its aggressions.
In response, steps are being taken to strain the relations between Iran and Azerbaijan. Because preparing the ground for Armenia to conduct joint exercises with the USA means risking serious tension. However, the USA has made it a practice to generally pit countries against each other and then step in as an intermediary. If support is found in this regard, establishing a weapons factory for the PKK can be seen as the first investment to implement the Greater Middle East Project that Zionism wants.
Meanwhile, the fact that Turkey is not providing the planes it paid for may be an operation to corner our country with some excuses. Because it would not be a surprise if the terrorist states to be established in our region, following the voice of their owners, increase some terrorist acts against our country.
In this regard, we must first strengthen our unity and solidarity within ourselves and be ready to respond together to the repercussions of the US's move to nationalize some terrorist organizations on our country.
In short, we need to be ready as a whole, seeing and knowing that our enemies are not idle, just as the water sleeps but the enemy does not. Otherwise, it will not be a surprise that we come face to face with a fait accompli while dealing with each other inside.


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