Abdulkadir Özkan: "The USA is after the same game in Syria after Iraq"

Abdulkadir Özkan: "The USA is after the same game in Syria after Iraq"
Date: 17.1.2022 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes on the USA's games in Middle East. Here is the full article.

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I have contacted and tried to draw attention to the fact that the USA is trying to establish a Kurdish state in our region. The aim of the USA from this is, firstly, to relieve Israel in the region, secondly, to create a regional Kurdish state under its control and turn it into an outpost for themselves, and to take steps to make the realization of its plans for the region cheaper. The first step towards this was taken years ago in Iraq. Now the second step comes... So, while the country where this second step will be taken is Syria, will the US plans for our region be completed with this second step? It is absolutely impossible to say yes to this question. Because Iran and Turkey come after Iraq and Syria in the hundred-year plan for our region. In other words, first of all, whether we call it an autonomous region or Kurdish regions, the end goal is to establish a Kurdish state that includes Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey. It is possible to answer that the 4 states we mentioned will not say yes, and such a fait accompli cannot be accepted. It even takes a realistic approach. However, when it was said that an autonomous Kurdish region would be created in Iraq during the Saddam era, it was claimed that this would not be possible and would go beyond a dream. Even some officials in Iraq, which I visited several times during the Saddam era, claimed that this would not be possible. But first, Kuwait was invaded by Saddam, and support was given for this. Saddam, believing such indoctrination, invaded Kuwait. Not long after, this time the USA entered and occupied Iraq in order to save Kuwait from invasion. With the occupation, first Saddam's rule came to an end, and then an autonomous Kurdish region was created within the borders of Iraq. Initially, the creation of an independent state was supposedly out of the question. However, nowadays, rumors of the autonomous region's transformation into an independent state are being whispered to the ears, both by the officials of the Northern Iraq Regional Government and by the US resources.
In short, Iraq is now divided in two. Syria is next. The steps taken for this are carried out openly. In fact, retired Lieutenant General Erdoğan Karakuş, who evaluated the US setting up a refinery in the region controlled by the PYD in Syria, draws attention to this fact by saying, "This country (USA) has made an effort to make the region Kurdized, as it did in Iraq." Meanwhile, Okan University Faculty Member Prof. Poyraz Günson draws attention to the fact that the US has finally opened the Kurdish card, which it has wanted to use for a long time, and that it has accelerated the efforts to create a subordinate structure in the north of Syria. Gürson also draws attention to another issue and says:
“The aim is not just to create a structure that is dependent on them here. While the US is creating a subordinate structure in the region, it sees Turkey as the biggest threat. At the same time, they are uncomfortable with Turkey's fight against terrorist organizations...
Prof. Gürson draws attention to another fact:
“They also don't want Turkey to be with Russia in Syria. For this, they aim to look good on the one hand and to reform Turkey in Syria on the other. The US opening the Kurdish card is not something Russia does not want. On the contrary, Russia is always in dialogue with the Kurds in order to open the Kurdish card.”
In fact, there is nothing unknown about all this. The fact that the US and Russia have not once faced each other during the events that have been going on for more than 10 years in Syria shows that the colonialists acted within a common plan. In this respect, urgent action must be taken to stop Russia from being under the wings of the USA when the USA is frightened, and to establish a new order in the world when Russia is frightened.


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