Abdulkadir Özkan: "Those who needs to correct the wrong, becomes complainants"

Abdulkadir Özkan: "Those who needs to correct the wrong, becomes complainants"
Date: 11.9.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes on Turkey. Here is the full article.

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Those who have to find solutions to the problems of the country are primarily the owners of power. Already, the nation gives the power seat to a party for the promise that they gave to solve the problems of the country. So, how should the nation evaluate this situation when those who have been in power alone for many years appear to be constantly complaining about the internal and external problems of the country? I wonder if you told the rulers that you would solve the problems of the country and we brought them to power. When it happens, your task begins to identify the causes of your problems and then find solutions to these problems, the right to say occurs.
Yesterday's article discussed the statements made by the rulers of power in Syria; after these statements, I still asked if it would be meaningful to complain if it was not abandoned to walk with the United States. Especially not in a persistent power holders to secure the United States in Turkey, said that they would want to terrorist organizations, not able to participate in this determination. Although we though there is no specific intelligence information we have, he reminded that behave hypocritically about the US 'secure them on really should be known they allow a safe zone should be established, it is a safe region, not to Turkey, we will also be for terrorist organizations.
These issues reminded us of our article on the day (yesterday) newspapers, "Daytime patrol, midnight military shipment," the news under the title of the United States continued to ship weapons to the terrorist organization said. As such, joint patrol with the United States during the day to establish a safe zone meant nothing more than fooling ourselves. Moreover, the fact that this fact is expressed by those in power does not mean anything other than the effort to divert the attention of the society.
At this point, I would like to give a short episode from the news titled “Daytime patrol, midnight shipment: "The US patrolled with Turkish soldiers yesterday morning (the previous day), with about 55 trucks from Iraq and the terrorist organization YPG/PKK in Syria at night. enclosed crates, four-wheel drive vehicles and construction machinery were passed to the occupied area".
It clearly shows that the US rhetoric of the safe zone is far from intimacy and that it is not possible to take their patrols for the safe zone seriously. Moreover, these last weapons sent to the terrorist organization will not be the last nor the last. Because the US has been continuing this shipment for months. In addition, the shipments to terrorist organizations through Iraq. In central Iraq where the PKK terrorist organization, is also thought to operate in Syria under the name YPG gained certainty that the US take a step in the direction of Turkey's request condition. As such, they no longer had the obligation to take a definitive stance in Turkey and put into practice. Because it will not be possible to clear Iraq and Syria from terrorist organizations by acting together with the US at this point. Let alone the removal of Iraq and Syria from terrorist organizations together with the USA, the country in question has protected these organizations. In this respect, it is not correct to give the impression that the security of our country will be ensured by appearing with the USA. Because from time to time an impression is raised in the society that the region will be cleared of terrorism, but terrorist organizations are increasingly strengthened by the United States, and even after Iraq, they are moving forward to create a new autonomous region in Syria. Other than that, it is clear from the US shipment of weapons that it does not reflect the truth.


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