Abdulkadir Özkan: "Training and joint exercises for terrorists"

Abdulkadir Özkan: "Training and joint exercises for terrorists"
Date: 7.9.2023 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Abdulkadir Özkan writes on the US' support for terror organizations. Here is the full article.

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I think that the United States is one of those who came to our region from the other side of the world to establish military bases, and not content with that, after taking the countries where they established bases under control. To ensure that chaos prevails in the said countries, not peace. The USA is the leader of those who set them up.
You can call it global banditry if you want. Because, is there a reasonable explanation for not only stopping and coming to our region from the other side of the world, but also taking the countries under control either directly or indirectly?
At most, there can be only one explanation for this, and that is the challenge of the countries that hold the power to the world.
Is it sufficient to explain the invasion of Iraq with the liberation of the Iraqi people? If countries gain their freedom as a result of the grace of another country, if the people in question are directly occupied by those who liberated them, is there a logical explanation to call it liberation?
In fact, it is out of the question for anyone who thinks a little to believe this contemporary deception. However, global bandits present all their occupation and control under such a cover and create such a perception that the occupation can be presented as liberation when they also find internal supports.
Of course, it would not be correct to say that all of humanity believes in such explanations and discourses. However, it is a fact that they found supporters. As such, the colonialists can support the colonizer for the sake of some material or office in almost every corner of the world. They are able to present the occupation of the invaders as freedom and independence, not just supporting them.
If we look at the event only from our region, if you are with the media every day, it is clear from the news that anyone who has power can be declared right. When the US, which invaded Iraq, said that it was doing this to liberate the Iraqi people, there was no serious reaction in the world.
The event did not end with this. Action was taken to implement a project called the Greater Middle East Project. They also explained its purpose. Accordingly, the countries of our region would be divided into small pieces and rendered weak. When the indivisible ones are pushed into a conflict environment, the people of the countries of the region have been eating each other for years and they think they are doing this in the name of liberation.
I would like to present some of the news that have been reflected in the media in recent days as an example of what we have said. The United States and its coalition partners first train terrorists and then conduct joint military exercises. Let me immediately point out that these news are not spoken in the backstage, but are served to the media through certain channels.
So global thugs don't need to hide what they are doing.
In the meantime, a few days ago, the news in the media under the headline of "Training to PKK and PUK from the USA" stated that "US army gave joint weapons training to the terrorist organization PKK/YPG in northern Syria and PUK elements affiliated with Talabani". .
In the meantime, the USA not only trains terrorists, but also undertakes the task of transporting terrorists with helicopters when the terrorist organization needs it. This information is given by a captured terrorist. In other words, it is information spread by those inside the business.
In addition, the USA decides to send F-16s that were not given to our country due to the embargo against Turkey, to Ukraine. Supposedly, the United States and Türkiye are in NATO together.
In a way, they act together to prevent a war that will arise on the world. In short, the appearance of the work and its application differ. Because during the establishment of international organizations, global bandits created the structure of the organizations according to their own interests.
In the meantime, it is useful to convey the news that the USA and Assad are watching the PKK so that it will not be missing. In short, although terrorist organizations have been continuing their activities and protecting their existence in our region for years, the main reason for this is that the USA and its supporters have taken terrorist organizations under their protection.
As a result, in order for our region and the world to get rid of conflicts, first of all, the power of global bandits must be broken.


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