Ali Haydar Haksal: "It's worth talking about"

Ali Haydar Haksal: "Its worth talking about"
Date: 29.11.2021 16:00

Milli Gazete columnist Ali Haydar Haksal writes on struggles of life. Here is the full article.

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Life is flowing, in its own flow. It's bumpy, flat and like a squat. In daily life, everything is ordinary and in its own nature. Not sometimes. It lives with something wrong. There are undesirable periods.
Life is always full of experiences. A history is created.
In the course of one's youth or at other times, many are unaware of things. Live and go. There is no account of life. Nothing is weighed in the moment and in the process of living. What steps we take, what breaths we take are based on an account. Science is thinking and thinking about these. It draws the measures and consequences of this. There are many things in this life that happen in its nature.
In this sense, we are far from even the consciousness of our existence. It is so lived. When the time comes, looking back, there is a life like a dream, with only some important details left behind. In this difficult process, it is necessary to weigh the responsibilities first as a human being and then as a Muslim. What has been done, what has happened, what has been said and what remains?
This is our problem and our problem today. What we have to say, do and what we should do that will give meaning to life and leave a mark on the future.
Life is never built on a certain calculation. What happens with intent can be different. The point is to set out on a path with intention. To be prepared for this. Even if what is wanted and begged does not happen, at least something is intended. This is as important as the moment it happened.
There is so much worth talking about. To call and speak to this time, to the people of the time, to breathe a spirit from the spiritual spirit. How much I need this. Time flies, those who pass never come back. Because those moments are lived for the moment. What needs to be said.
People do not even have a chance to breathe in their own nature and realities from the strangers that shroud the world like fog at this time. Strong breaths and sounds are greatly needed to dissipate these mists. There is an area that we think is empty, that we can think of. Someone's voice and breathing is inevitable.
In retrospect, it is impossible to ignore the fact that the powerful voices that give a voice to time continue to have their effect. What are these sounds, what happened?
Great poems of great poets, magnificent voices of great orators released into space, works produced by powerful pens. These are countless. They have filled the shelves, spaces and pages of the world.
Nature is not empty. There are angels with spiritual responsibility. They control time and space due to their duties.
He is a person with action and responsibility. Angels have no responsibilities to the world. They are fulfilling their duties. In a way, they control people. Just as there are angels of record, there are also those who fill the space.
Just as there are deviators, temptress demons. The world has a balance.
Each person has an area that belongs to him, in proportion to his strength and abilities. These are also according to one's own position.
Every person has something to say on behalf of goodness and beauty. Everyone has a sphere of influence. This is proportional to his spiritual strength.
Love language is the most effective. We even have a saying that even a snake that is cold and unpleasant to humans can be pulled out of its nest by the language of love. These are innumerable. When life is about beauties, what is beautiful is that beauties are permanent. The deceptive, deceptive, fascinating and attractive states of demons can only deceive and lead people astray. The one who has been dragged along a road that is sometimes irreversible. The important thing is to appeal to the time and age with the language of truth without going down this road.


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