Ali Haydar Haksal: "The age of making lies with imagination"

Ali Haydar Haksal: "The age of making lies with imagination"
Date: 21.8.2023 13:00

Milli Gazete columnist Ali Haydar Haksal writes on dreams and lies. Here is the full article.

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“Dream” and “lie” form another dimension of what we write based on myths. Imagination is the search for the horizon of eternity with the feeling of thinking, reaching beyond, making the impossible happen, wishing it to happen, reaching the desired. The dream of finding a place in the future and beyond.
It is a period in which man gives up production, is put on the ready, and wishes to be landed. This is today's dream. But in the impossibilities and difficulties of this, there must also be myths of making the possibilities happen. Lying and exaggeration is the only way out.
At a time when people in young societies tend to live a lot and production stops with all its dimensions, ways to keep people busy are necessary. There is a term called shortcut. How to reach this conclusion without suffering and sweating? How are these people put to sleep in a mythless environment, how are they anesthetized, how are they lost in unnecessary things?
The functioning of the mind in almost all areas of life is important for human health. The existence of depression societies in the age of depression requires some precautions. The religions, myths and indispensibles of the time surround life.
When immersed in the social media neighborhood and bazaar, a thousand and one people are confronted. If you have the patience, it shows a lot if you accept and observe people of all types. In this area, it is more or less understandable what is going around, bees, insects, the necessary and unnecessary buzz and grunts.
We said bees. Those who know nature and village life know. There are bees and hornets that produce honey from bee species. We know that honey bees also have style. We had bees in our youth. They were of two sexes, one like poison, the other very unkind. Both were producing honey. Did these bees reflect the temperament of their owners? Such a question has always occurred to me. At that time we had black hives and our honey was very beautiful.
There are also hornets. We would break their nests, they also had pores, but you couldn't find anything in the name of honey. Were they just working for themselves? We didn't know if what they produced was enough. But when they stuck to people like poison, he would never leave without putting his sting.
When we look at the people of the social media market, we are faced with a humanity that we have just tried to explain, which does not produce, and which builds its future on dreams and myths. It is the bazaar of those who do not make anything with buzz like hornets, clutter up with words and slogans, and sometimes attract attention with extreme words.
The occupation of these masses, the masses, is just as important. Otherwise, the suppression of this youthful energy can cause difficulties. The fights and conflicts of ideologies have already killed many generations, ended them, neutralized them, and even made them like sheep. In the past, some congregations have crammed young people into a room, causing static, dull, dysfunctional people to be released onto the streets. In fact, they weren't even on the street. Like ghosts wandering around. They were the ones whose presence and absence could not be felt. There are similar ones today.
This is the function of some communities. It is unthinkable for them to be mythless.
The Muslims' lack of the spirit of their own civilization leads, pushes and distances them to worlds beyond human reality. Because the myths presented to them carry out their business with lies along with dreams. So much so that even a light of truth is not allowed to emerge to cover up the deceptions.
Resurrection in spirit and resurrection in action support each other. This spirit gives function in every aspect of a person's life. It is known that there is not even a moment to be wasted in life. In this universe where there is a transition to the infinite world of this finite world, the ways of bringing people together with their own essence and reality are not exhausted. The way to reach the consciousness of truth is to produce honey in the truth like a bee. That is what is good. Being a hornet is also a way, which can be a reason for preference.


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