Automobile design passion of young university student

Automobile design passion of young university student
Date: 22.4.2022 11:30

Environmental Engineering student Begüm Baygıner is trying to realize her dream of becoming an automobile designer with the course she took.

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The car designed by Bayginer, who also works for Gazi University Automobile Society, will be showcased at TEKNOFEST. 
Begüm Baygıner, a third year student at Eskişehir Technical University Environmental Engineering Department, wants to continue her passion for painting and automobiles, which started in her childhood, with automobile design. 
Bayginer said that painting has been in her life since her childhood, and that she has also been collecting toy cars and automobile paintings since she was little, and that she has been watching Formula 1 races. 
Begüm Baygıner, who stated that she decided to become an automobile designer after her interest continued, "But I knew that there were not many examples of this in our country and I did not know what path to follow." said. 
Explaining that she later learned that she had to study at the industrial design department and progress from there in order to become a designer, Baygıner added, "I did a lot of research, but my score was not enough and I could not study this department at the university, so I came across the automobile by chance during the pandemic. I signed up for a design course. My teacher was a Turk who did concept design at Alfa Romeo in Italy. I think I have reached many different ideas thanks to the perspectives he brings." 
Stating that she made many drawings after the course as she did before, Bayginer said that the car she designed for Gazi University Automobile Society will be showcased at this year's TEKNOFEST. 
Begüm Baygıner stated that she shared her drawings on her social media accounts and that the painting of Dutch racing driver Max Verstappen drew the attention of the Honda brand. 
Bayginer said, "I forwarded my drawings to the Honda Formula 1 director. In return for the pictures I sent, they sent me a hat and cards signed by Red Bull driver Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez. These were among the most beautiful pieces of my collection."


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