Bid farewell to Mehmet İnci

Bid farewell to Mehmet İnci
Date: 24.8.2023 11:00

Mehmet İnci, the venerable father of Milli Gazete Adana Representative, Süleyman İnci, passed away. The deceased Mehmet İnci was buried in the same cemetery after the funeral prayer performed in Buruk Cemetery yesterday.

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Saadet Party General Administrative Board Member Çelebi Keyhıdır, Saadet Party Adana Provincial Inspector Mustafa Gözütok, ASKON Adana Branch President Recep Çalışkan, AGD Adana Branch President Enes Beyaz attended the funeral. 
Late Mehmet İnci buried in the family cemetery in Buruk Cemetery following the intense participation of MİLKO's Adana organization members.
As the Milli Gazete family, we wish God's mercy on the late Mehmet İnci and wish patience to his family and loved ones.


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