Biography: Who is Muhammed Emin Sarac?

Biography: Who is Muhammed Emin Sarac?
Date: 30.11.2021 12:41

Who is Turkey's leading Hadith Scholar, Muhammed Emin Saraç Hodja? Here is the detailed biography of Sarac Hodja...

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Muhammed Emin Saraç was born in Tanoba village of Erbaa district of Tokat province. (M. Emin Saraç does not mention the year of his birth upon the advice of Imam Shafii and Imam Malik.) His father is Hafiz Mustafa Efendi.
His grandfather, Mudarris Üzeyir Efendi from Naqshbandi, was a mudarris at Niksar's Keşfi Mosque Madrasa. Mudarris Üzeyir Efendi was shown among the prominent scholars of the period. Saraç started memorizing the Qur'an at the age of 6 with his grandfather by reading Qur’an from beginning to end. M. Emin Saraç's older brother Bahaddin Saraç, his brothers Osman and Yusuf and his sisters were trained by their parents as Qur'an hafiz at a time when reading the Qur'an was considered a crime. 
His father, Hafiz Mustafa Efendi, was put on trial for having his children read the Qur'an at that time. The judge said, "You were teaching children Arabic. Is that true?" When he was asked, he said, "I do not teach children to harass anyone's life, property and chastity; I make them read the holy Qur'an." However, as a result of the court, he was sentenced to 6 months in prison. 
M. Emin Saraç read the recitals in Niksar-Merzifon in 1940-43. In 1943, he was sent to Ali Haydar Efendi's lodge to Istanbul for education by his family. Ali Haydar Efendi entrusted M. Emin Saraç to Fatih Mosque Chief Imam Ömer Efendi, as his lodge was kept under constant surveillance.
He started to study the Qur'an and recite ‘Telhîs’ with Ömer Efendi. After staying at Fatih Mosque for three months, M. Emin Saraç went to Üçbaş Madrasa in Kargümrük district of Istabul. He read the first and second volumes of Bukhari-i Sharif from Süleyman Efendi, who resided here and served as chief executive for 65 years. M. Emin Saraç received his first hadith licensing from Süleyman Efendi with the license coming from the ‘muhaddis’ Hacı Ferhad-ı Rizevi lineage. Emin Saraç stayed in Üçbaş Madrasa until 1950. In this process, besides Ali Haydar Efendi and Fatih Mosque Chief Imam Ömer Efendi, he continued to read tafsir, hadith, fiqh and method lessons from such individuals Mustafa Efendi from Komotini, ‘Muhaddis’ İbrahim Efendi, Albanian Hüsrev Efendi, Süleyman Hilmi (Tunahan) Efendi from Silistra. During his staying in Istanbul, M. Emin Saraç read the books; such as Tirmidhi, Bukhari Sharif, Merâkı'l-Falâh, Kudûrî-i Sharîf, Sharhu al-Aqaid, Shefa-i Sharif, Mir'at, Muslim-i Sharîf, Mişkâtü'l-Mesâbih, Tafsir-i Kadı Beyzavi. 


Although his Azhar diploma was invalidated in Turkey, M. Emin Saraç continued his education in Egypt for 9 years. During this period, he benefited from Mohammad Zahid Al-Kawsari, the last sheikh al-Islam of the Ottoman Empire Mustafa Sabri Efendi, İhsan Efendi from Yozgat, Muhammed Abdulvehhab Buhayri, Ahmed Fehmi Ebu Sunne, Ali Yakup Efendi, Abdulfattah al-Sha'sha. Since they came from Turkey for educational purposes, the teachers there saw themselves as "children of the Ottoman Empire." According to M. Emin Saraç, this was a very important compliment.


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