Cami-i Kebir waiting to be restored

Cami-i Kebir waiting to be restored
Date: 20.8.2023 11:00

Built in the Maden district of Elazig about 250 years ago, the Ottoman heritage Cami-i Kebir (The Great Mosque) has been waiting to be restored for many years.

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Known as one of the most beautiful examples of Ottoman architecture, the mosque was in danger of extinction due to the mining area opened for profit, although it was registered as a cultural property in 2010.
Cami-i Kebir, which was built by Sultan Abdulhamid II in 1872 in the Maden district of Elazig, has been waiting to be restored for many years.
Although the mosque, which is known as one of the most important historical heritages of the region, was registered as the "1st Group cultural property to be protected" on September 15, 2010, no steps have been taken yet despite the intervening 13 years.
The mosque, which was last maintained in 1962, has been damaged by earthquakes and natural disasters since then, and will face the danger of collapse if restoration is not done.
Citizens living in the region frequently call for the government to restore the mosque, which they call "Sultan Abdulhamid's heirloom".
It is noteworthy that the government, which used to talk about the Ottoman Empire and especially Sultan Abdulhamid II, has still not taken a step.


The companies, which took action after the copper reserves in the Maden district of Elâzığ in the past years, started to open mining fields with the permission of the government.
There was a risk of landslides because the managers of the company that opened the mine field piled the excavation from the quarry to the upper parts of the district in order to increase their profits.
While President Erdoğan declared a total of 510 places in the district, 278 of which are residences and 232 of them workplaces, as risky areas in 2019, the Cami-i Kebir in the region was also evacuated.
The company, which expanded its copper mining area after nearly 3,000 citizens were forced to migrate to other places, continues to accumulate the rubble in the upper part of the district.
It is noteworthy that the Elazig Governorate does not inspect the mining company.
It is stated that the mosque, which is not restored, may be destroyed in a landslide that may occur with the accumulation of rubble.


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