Court ban for Facebook's data sharing

Court ban for Facebooks data sharing
Date: 28.12.2021 11:30

The regulation that WhatsApp brought to use the data of its users in other services caused controversy.

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The Competition Board had decided to stop the conditions imposed by Facebook for the use of the data of people using WhatsApp in Turkey for other services.
Facebook Inc, Facebook Ireland Limited and WhatsApp LLC also filed an annulment action against this decision.
The decision in the annulment case was concluded and Ankara 4th Administrative Court decided to reject the case with its decision dated 13/12/2021 and numbered E:2021/749, K:2021/2272.


The court ruled that it was clear that if WhatsApp users accepted the terms offered by Facebook, other group companies would acquire the data and start using it.
It has been concluded that there is no violation of the law and legislation in the provisional injunction decision in the form of announcing that Facebook has stopped the new conditions involving data sharing to all users who accept the conditions or do not accept the conditions in Turkey.


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