Cyberbullying threatens our children

Cyberbullying threatens our children
Date: 14.12.2021 15:27

With the increase in internet use during the pandemic term, cyberbullying seen in online channels threatens especially children.

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With the spread of information and communication technology, the interest in internet use among young people and children continues to increase. Children are exposed to incidents such as harassment and threats because they spend a significant part of their time in electronic environments. So, what kind of work program should be done to prevent cyberbullying? How does this cyberbullying on social platforms affect people? Social Media Specialist Ömer Layık explained the danger of cyberbullying in social media to the Milli Gazete. 


Social Media Specialist Ömer Layık said, “With the development and spread of technology, a significant increase has been observed in the number of users in social media applications. Cyber attacks have also taken their place in the digital environment. On the social media platform, a user's making hurtful, bad comments about you, or sharing something that will embarrass you is considered as cyberbullying. You need to avoid cyberbullying that brings disgrace on you as much as possible.”


Stating that messaging, picture and video sharing platforms have come together recently, “Social media applications unfortunately confuse users with the danger of cyberbullying. In fact, what we need to do in this case is a very simple step. First of all, block the bullying user on your social media account. When the bully user is blocked, he or she cannot access you again from the account you have blocked. If you complain to the social media application after blocking, you will prevent cyberbullying. Apart from that, try to regularly follow the friend list of the accounts, especially in your social media applications. You can block and remove users that you do not know, do not communicate with or do not trust, from your account. You can take care not to contact cyber attackers as much as possible,” Social Media Expert Ömer Layık added.


Ömer Layık stated that cyber attacks are increasing day by day in social media applications, “Usually, users who are exposed to cyberbullying have depressive disorder, concentration disorder, sleep disorder, introversion, mood disorders, intense anger, stress, psychiatric disorder, and suicidal tendencies,” he said. 


Stating that cyberbullying has very negative effects on society, “There is a problem of trust in people who are exposed to cyber attacks. In addition, people move away from each other and switch to asocial communication. People who are exposed to cyber attacks on the social media platform become more depressed, nervous and nervous about life. Cyberbullying also negatively affects people's relationships with each others. Therefore, bullying that is also quite common in the digital age, poses significant risks. If you are going to use social media, you can transfer your account to a private account. Because swindlers or cyberbullies can access your account, which everyone has access to. Do not allow people you do not know, have spoken to before, or are not sure to trust, to follow your account. You should not share your personal information, current phone number, bank account information, identity number, serial number on your identity card, and current address with anyone,” Ömer Layık added.


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