Economic and Social Research Center issues a declaration on Gaza

Economic and Social Research Center issues a declaration on Gaza
Date: 8.11.2023 15:00

Gaza Declaration was published by Economic and Social Research Center (ESAM) Chairman Recai Kutan on behalf of the International Union of Muslim Communities.

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A "Gaza Declaration" was published by ESAM Chairman Recai Kutan on behalf of the International Union of Muslim Communities.
In the Gaza Declaration published under the title "As ESAM together with the institutions of the Milli Görüş movement and on behalf of the International Muslim Communities Union", attention was drawn to the systematic occupation of terrorist Israel in Palestine.
In the declaration, which underlined the need for Muslim countries to take urgent action, a 10-item list of "things to be done" was presented.


In the Gaza Declaration published on behalf of ESAM Chairman Recai Kutan, it was stated that Zionist Israel has been trampling on human dignity in Palestinian lands for 75 years.
"The freedom of religion and conscience of the Palestinian people has been completely violated by events such as the control of the Masjid al-Aqsa by the Israeli occupation forces and the raiding and defiling of the mosques. During the periods of Palestinian resistance, Israel did not comply with the principles of international war law in any way and committed a war crime with the phosphorus and cluster-style bombs it used. In the face of bombed hospitals in Gaza and thousands of innocent civilians losing their lives, the USA, NATO and the EU openly support the genocide committed by Netanyahu. It can be seen that there is a deep civilizational crisis regarding human honor and dignity in the West, where international law has been transformed into ink. The common strategic goal of the West is to control the Eastern Mediterranean, dominate the Middle East and ensure the security of Israel," the declaration said.


"Israel's policy of violence and occupation, carried out in cooperation with the West, started with the Gulf crisis and is carried out as a part of the September 11, 2001 plan. The aim was to neutralize Islamic countries that could influence Israel in the ongoing process of the so-called 'Arab Spring'. The extraordinary military power that the USA and the West have integrated into Israel aims to control the core of Islam and to exploit Muslim peoples within the scope of the Greater Middle East Project. The Israeli problem is a problem of illegitimacy brought about by the occupation on behalf of the Jewish state. The existence of this racist character, who does not see others as human beings, in the Palestinian territories is being questioned more and more every day by sensible societies in the world," the declaration added.


In the list stating that Islamic countries should take a break from their own internal issues, the 10-item list of things to do is listed as follows:
"Israel's occupation of Palestinian lands should be viewed as an intervention in its own territory. All political, military, economic and diplomatic relations that provide official or unofficial support to Israel and exclude the Palestinian factor should be severed. It should close its airspace to all Israeli flights.
Islamic countries should take action as soon as possible to establish a defense organization. It should declare Jerusalem as the capital of the "State of Palestine" and take the necessary steps. Israel must withdraw from the occupied territories in accordance with UN resolutions. It must comply with the terms of the agreement it signed with the Palestinians. It must end Jewish settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.
It should impose strong sanctions against Israel that will ensure a climate of peace and tranquility based on the rule of law in the region. These sanctions must be carried out together with effective methods and security measures. In accordance with UN Resolution 242, the necessary use of force must be provided within the scope of humanitarian intervention for Israel's withdrawal from the occupied Palestinian territories.
A deterrent force should be deployed within the OIC and D-8, with the support of all Islamic countries, to coordinate international humanitarian aid to ensure peace and security in Gaza.
Netanyahu and those responsible for Israel should be tried for the crime of genocide in the International War Crimes Tribunal. In this context, we invite political leaders, influential organizations, scientists and opinion leaders in the Islamic world and all countries to take action against crimes against humanity in Gaza.
We invite all countries that value human dignity and dignity to act by expressing their reactions at the highest level, the international community to take the necessary concrete steps with common sense for the establishment of an independent, free State of Palestine, to stop Israel's mass murders and to impose the necessary sanctions."


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