Erbakan and Europe (National Vision)

Erbakan and Europe (National Vision)
Date: 26.11.2021 17:30

Zeki Başaran, one of the mayoral candidates of the Saadet Party, wrote 'Erbakan Hodja' for the ‘Milli Gazete’.

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Easy to speak, the adventures of Turks in Europe have completed sixty years. Again, easy to speak, we have entered the forty-ninth year of the National Vision (Milli Görüş) movement in Europe. May Allah (SWT) be eternally pleased with all of our brothers and sisters who started this blessed and glorious movement and contributed to its success. 
The truth is that; 
The first sparks of today's National Vision organizations are based on the studies that carried out by when our three esteemed brothers (Hasan Damar, Dr. Mehmet Şener Yücetürk and Ahmet Rüştü Banaz) came together and started an inactive association in Braunschweig province of Germany in 1969, under the name "European Turkish Union", which later became the "Islamic Union".


While these religious services, which were carried out on their own, continued in their own way until 1974, as the Deputy Prime Minister Prof. Dr. Necmettin Erbakan is invited to a conference in Cologne. After that day, the voices of Erbakan and National Vision began to be heard from Europe and Turkey. Following the talks, a delegation is sent to Germany with Erbakan's instructions to deal with the moral situation of Turkish workers. This delegation, by conducting examinations in cities such as Hannover, Munich and Berlin, determined the deficiencies of the citizens, especially in terms of worship, and presented it to Erbakan in the form of a report. Upon these preliminary studies and determinations; in 1974, the same delegation returned to Germany with a work plan 'to be implemented'. Here, the foundations of today's great National Vision thought were laid, state by state, city by city, by making consultations that day. 
Until then, Turks in Germany had no ideologies other than right-wing and left-wing and Capitalism-Communism. Even the devout Muslims had nowhere to go but these two falsehoods. From this date on, in some cities of Germany, we began to hear that small groups were formed and they were having house conversations. These people introduced themselves as National Vision followers… 
A person named Necmettin Erbakan founded a party called “Milli Selamet” (National Salvation) in Turkey and were saying, “I want an order based on the Truth to be established, a heavy industry move to be started and an independent Turkey to be established”... Maybe these must have been the magic sentences that would affect Germany and later on all of Europe and the continents. In a dinner conversation in the late '74s, a friend of mine said to me, “What do you think about these statements of Erbakan?” My answer was as follows: 
1) Erbakan says 'Islamic Order', since we are Muslims, our order should also be based on Islam. What could be more natural than that... 
2) Erbakan says, “I will launch the heavy industry move”. This means an end to our slavery here and a developed and strong Turkey. 


It was the autumn of 1974. We were now National Vision followers and we were followers of Erbakan, but it can be said that we do not know much. They said don't worry, Hodja would send his orators and educational activities would be started on site, by the will of Allah... At that time, there was no television or telephone in our homes. Only two friends had cars. We even held our meetings on a weekly basis by keeping each other informed through bilateral talkings. But our excitement was high because they said that Erbakan would come. 
Milli Gazete was captioning headlines! Erbakan said: “My dear nation! We will rise again, we will return to our essence.”
As we read these and similar sentences, it was as if the blood in our veins was boiling and we were looking forward to seeing him. In 1974, Erbakan Hodja was invited to give a conference in Cologne as the Deputy Prime Minister by Hasan Damar and his team. Erbakan Hodja, who gave a conference on "Troubles of European Muslims", now actively emphasized that National Vision is a world view based on Truth and Justice, based on human dignity and prioritizing Islamic principles and indirectly started the works of the organization. 
With the guidance of Erbakan Hodja, the lodgings (Heim's) of the Turkish workers were visited, the branch-based establishments of the organization were being carried out with house conversations, while the service offices were hired and furnished on the other hand. Meanwhile, the headquarters had moved from Brauschweig to Berlin and from there to Cologne. I was very excited when I was invited to the meeting at the first headquarters. I was only 24 years old and we were invited to a meeting in Berlin under the Chairmanship of the second Chairman, Ali Özdemir. The meeting was very lively and full of meaning. While we were dispersing to our regions, a love of Erbakan was spreading in our hearts. After Ertuğrul Tüzel, who was brought to the third Chairmanship of National Vision, Yusuf Zeynel Abidin who was respected as a father, was appointed as the fourth Chairman with the advice of Erbakan Hodja also burned the fuse of a very fast work. 


We started boarding education classes with our first educator staff who were sent by Erbakan Hodja at the Feimann Mosque in Munich. Among the educators were older brothers Oğuzhan Asiltürk, Hasan Aksay and Yasin Hatiboğlu. 
While the clock was ticking with the enthusiasm and excitement of a jihad, the 1977 Turkish elections approached. The Turks abroad wanted to get rid of working like slaves in foreign lands with the treatment of the poor and live in a prosperous Turkey developed with the move of heavy industry, in their own country, with their own families. Although Germany's view of the Turks was quite positive that day, our people still wanted to return to their own country, which had established its heavy industry, rather than stay abroad. Here, Erbakan Hodja appeared as a candidate who drew the perfect picture of both material and spiritual development for abroad workers.
Freemasons and leftist mentalities have almost divided our beautiful Turkey among themselves politically. Devout Muslims, too, supported right-wing/mason mentalities because of the 'less evil'. Now it was time to actually participate in the 1977 Turkish elections. Give your hands to Munich, Vienna, Belgrade, Sofia, Edirne and Istanbul with an enormous convoy of 270 vehicles consisting of expatriates and National Vision followers... On the route from Edirne to Konya, the city is almost a feast with the sounds of horns and sirens in every city, streets and squares we pass. The people's show of love with applause was the highest point of excitement... Alhamdulillah, Allah was showing us those happy days with the superior foresight of late Erbakan Hodja. 


Meanwhile, our Hodja was starting the “Conferences on European Muslims Issues”. One of them was very important! A Zionist meeting against Islam was held in the Swiss village of Basel a century ago in the same hall. Now, a century later, Erbakan Hodja was invited to the rostrum to give a conference on “Islam and the Civilization of Peace”! Did you see that excitement? Hodja's getting up, the file on his arm, climbing the steps of the stage as a victorious commander and saying "Assalamu Alaikom" from the microphone, the hall fulled with the audience almost filled the excitement of victory. What a wonderful moment it was...
In conclusion, I express my inability to write only about ten percent of our late Hodja’s services and greet respectfully our readers.


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