Fatih Yılmaz: "A simple solution suggestion"

Fatih Yılmaz: "A simple solution suggestion"
Date: 30.8.2023 17:30

Milli Gazete columnist Fatih Yılmaz writes on latest developments in Turkey. Here is the full article.

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The current situation has turned into a fire, the situation of the youth is deplorable, it is not clear where they are going, families are scattered, the streets have turned into places of terror, people have come to the point where they leave the house by saying goodbye to their families, the financial difficulties have reached the extreme points, the courthouse corridors are filled with execution files. We are in an end-time stage.
On the one hand, there are unemployment problems, on the other hand, people have become dissatisfied with work. It is not crowded with pilgrims, hodjas, sheiks and dervishes, but the spiritual atmosphere in the market is exhausted and there is no trust in the clergy. Those who deceive with religion make faceless statements. The phenomena of the social media world have gone crazy.
The number of mind-blowing news is increasing every day. What we say we will see, what we see more and more with each passing day.
The number of imam-hatips, theology faculties, Islamic sciences institutes, Qur'an courses, foundations and associations is unknown, but people are turning away from their faith with each passing day.
"What's going to happen with us?" When we ask, we are left with no answer other than "good luck" or "May Allah be amazed at our end".
We really don't know which problem to take from where. Everyone, every institution and organization is in lockdown. In fact, most of the time, the things that should be a part of the solution have become the main source of the problem.
For example, universities…
Isn't it necessary to close at least half of the existing universities today? The courts of justice have become unable to dispense justice. Imam-hatips, theology and Qur'an courses have become incapable of raising people.
Religious people have become alienated from religion. Hodjas and sheiks cannot give people anything.
In fact, it doesn't make much sense to list our complaints one after another. It seems that we have no choice but to think, talk and act on what can be done as a solution.
Even at this vital point, even the institutions we trust the most are blocked. Nevertheless, we cannot afford to give up.
For example, one of our most current problems is the exorbitant increases in house rents. For God's sake, can't a huge state like Turkey allocate a 90 m2 small 2+1 house to every married couple? House is allocated to married couples. They don't pay rent. The property belongs to the state. If they are divorced, they must leave the house. In this way, divorces are prevented to a large extent.
Now, it should be stated that the real problem starts from the top, but when you look down, you see why the top is in this state. That's how we are managed. So much so that even in the rarest institutions that say that the government polarizes the people, the administrators have come to exclude anyone who does not think like them.
Then you turn around and say, “Yes, we are governed the way we are.”
Look at the education system... It doesn't need much detail. Go imitate what the Germans are doing. After a year, you can witness that the problems are solved one by one. Is it very difficult to prevent the accumulation of capital in certain segments of society? Definitely not. Is it very difficult to embrace people, especially those who do not think like you, and to be open to communication with everyone? Definitely not.
Is it very difficult to put the problems on the table, listen to the solution suggestions, and take action by making a plan? Definitely not. Does our country have any problems that cannot be solved? Absolutely not. All our problems can be solved.
Only the authorities need to fix or change. So could this be? Here it is difficult. Because those who rule us come from within us. In other words, unless a society corrects itself, that society will not improve.
In summary, it is necessary to understand this well. Start by correcting yourself. "When?" If you ask, I would say "right now".


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