Fatma Tuncer: "Are we a free society?"

Fatma Tuncer: "Are we a free society?"
Date: 11.8.2023 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Fatma Tuncer writes on Türkiye politics. Here is the full article.

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Indian poet Kamala Das, who converted to Islam while being an atheist, states that the so-called freedom given to women by Western culture does not appeal to her, and that Islam is the only power that protects and keeps women safe.
The Indian poet says that I am tired of the freedom that the West asserts, I do not want it and it has become a burden for me, I want protection, not freedom, and states that Islam gives people real freedom.
Kamala's statements took me to the lane of the concept of freedom, which has been discussed since the first person, causing conflicts, quarrels and divisions, and I thought that the reason why freedom was seen as a danger was the concept of rights and power it contained. How are you going to subdue a free man? How will you control it?
Freedom is a vast ocean and everyone is trying to define it by watching it from their own window. Scholars who have spent their lives with books often refer to this subject and talk about a mysterious power. For them, freedom is an albatross cruising in the depths of the skies… A power whose feet do not touch the ground and cannot reach our lives…
I want freedom to come out of that shell and touch my life… I don't want to watch that ocean from afar, I want to dive into its depths and know what my place is here.
What do you call freedom? A bird living behind invisible mountains? A mysterious voice, a word? Is freedom too far away to land in my domain? Isn't freedom the limits that have been given to me? What?
Rights, freedom, equality and democracy are among the concepts that the capitalist system has served to the societies that have emptied and colonized. That's why violence, hatred, obscenity and sexual deviations are served in the name of freedom and pull us into that rotten life.
Wherever freedom begins and ends, we have been told by our supreme religion. And we know that; Freedom is a value that will come to life when we know what and how many of our rights we have and protect these rights.
Today, the concept of freedom is a concept that is spoken by almost everyone, from the scientists who guide the society to the people on the street… Well, are we really free, who helplessly watch the occupation of our lands, spiritual accumulations and resources?
We urgently need liberation, and for this, the concept of freedom must come out of the books and reach our lives.


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