Felicity for Istanbul! There is a representative of the right, the left and the truth

Felicity for Istanbul! There is a representative of the right, the left and the truth
Date: 17.6.2019 14:00

Istanbul witnessed another historic day. The Great Istanbul Festival organized by the Felicity (Saadet) Party Istanbul Provincial Presidency took place at the Yahya Kemal Beyatlı Show Center with intense participation.

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The Felicity (Saadet) Party organized by the Istanbul Provincial Presidency took place at the Yahya Kemal Beyatlı Show Center with the participation of the enthusiastic crowd. 
Thousands of National Opinionists attended in the feast by the Istanbul seal of good news was heralded. 
The Felicity Party General Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu, Vice-Presidents Ömer Faruk Yazıcı, Birol Aydın, Hasan Bitmez, Mustafa Kaya and Yılmaz Bayat, Felicity Party MPs Cihangir Islam and Abdulkadir Karaduman, Felicity Party İstanbul Provincial President Abdullah Sevim, Felicity Party Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayoral Candidate Necdet Gökçınar, Milli Gazete Editor-in-Chief Mustafa Kurdaş and the heads of Istanbul districts were attended to the program.
Felicity Party General Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu, "Turkey insisted that the United States is trying to push a similar dual system. We have no animosity. We're not enemies with anyone. We love our country, our nation. In this country we get peace and tranquility. We don't want our camp to be seen as a second class anywhere. If we want peace, if we want our people to get rid of these problems, we have to announce that there is a third way. We have to make efforts on this path. We hold the right. To hold the right means to help the oppressed. To hold the right means to stand against the oppressors. That's why we're different."
Karamollaoğlu said in his statement regarding the Istanbul elections: "Someone asked us to withdraw from the election. We didn't accept that. This means that we can give up our dreams and withdraw from the political arena. If any of us come out and become a trillionaire, they won't live in us. Their thieves have our thieves. Thieves can't accommodate us. We are the guarantee of this country. Our ideals are to save this country. Let our nation believe us. They can fix us if we change. Let our nation authorize us. These friends cannot solve the problem yet..
Felicity Party's mayoral candidate for Istanbul Necdet Gökçınard, "They ignored us before 31 March. 'Saadet has no candidate', they said. But today they call us "my brothers from the Felicity Party." You see how we have reached a point where they ignored. Yesterday we celebrated the conquest of Istanbul. There will be a new conquest on 23 June. June 23 is the footsteps of Saadet. I hope we will establish a fair order together. I am proud to be your mayoral candidate when you see that our organization, which works enthusiastically like you, is behind me," he said.
Felicity Party Istanbul Provincial President Dr. Abdullah Sevim added the services of the National Vision Municipality to Istanbul and added, "Our love for Istanbul and our excitement for Istanbul once again with the ‘Great Istanbul Feast’. Let everyone know and hear and know that the Felicity Party, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayoral candidate Necdet Gökçınar's assertion. We have a one-week period for the renewed Istanbul Municipality elections. Youth Branches of the Felicity Party, Lady Arms and National Opinionist Organizations will work shoulder to shoulder. Do not talk negatively, we will not be hopeless. As the Felicity Party, we will win the elections and injustice in Istanbul will end. When the Felicity Party wins, Istanbul will win 20 million."


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