'Freedom Convoy' reaches Incirlik Air Base

Freedom Convoy reaches Incirlik Air Base
Date: 5.11.2023 16:00

The convoy organized under the leadership of the Human Rights and Freedoms (IHH) Humanitarian Relief Foundation to go to Incirlik Base to support the Palestinian resistance and draw attention to the war crimes committed by terrorist Israel has reached its destination.

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Continuing its work to draw attention to the human tragedy in Gaza, Human Rights and Freedoms (IHH) set out from Istanbul to go to Incirlik Base in Adana with the slogan "Freedom Convoy for Palestine" organized under the leadership of the Humanitarian Aid Foundation.
The 250-vehicle convoy, which gathered in the parking lot of the Atatürk Olympic Stadium upon the call of IHH, reached Incirlik Base in Adana yesterday, after organizing various events in Kocaeli, Ankara and Konya.
IHH officials who made speeches here said that they will continue their work until the occupying Israeli regime ends its attacks and Palestine is free.


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