Galatasaray coach Buruk also wants psychological superiority

Galatasaray coach Buruk also wants psychological superiority
Date: 16.4.2023 13:00

During the fast-breaking dinner Galatasaray coach Okan Buruk gave to the journalists on weekdays, he said, "We will do our own thing," and stated that he aims to win all the matches.

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Continuing his leadership by beating Kayserispor 6-0 in the opening match of the week in the Super League, coach Okan Buruk is keeping his job intact.
The experienced coach, stated that he aimed to win all the matches by saying "We will do our own thing" at the iftar he gave to the journalists on weekdays.
In the last part of the Kayserispor match, it was learned why he did not remove Icardi and returned to the double striker when he took Gomis to the game.
While the score was 5-0, Okan Buruk included Gomis in the 65th minute and, contrary to expectations, removed Mertens from the game instead of Icardi, who was on the card limit and had a hat-trick.
From this moment on, the yellow and red team, who turned into a double striker until the end of the match, scored another goal and left with 6 different superiorities.
With this change, the experienced coach wanted to show the power of the offensive line to his opponents, while on the other hand, he planned to open the difference in two possible average calculations at the end of the season and establish a psychological superiority.
As it will be remembered, the Yellow-Red team lost the championship to Beşiktaş with an average of 1 goal 2 seasons ago.
The experienced teacher continues on his way by taking precautions against all possible accounts.


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