Halt this disgraceful assault!

Halt this disgraceful assault!
Date: 9.8.2023 17:00

Anatolian Youth Association (AGD) and National Youth Foundation (MGV) made a statement regarding the festivals held in the summer months.

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The Anatolian Youth Association (AGD) and the National Youth Foundation (MGV) made a harsh statement about the so-called festivals and concerts, which caused the society to lose its identity and deteriorate the moral structure.


With the increase in immorality in concerts and events called so-called festivals in recent days, reactions from different segments of society continue to come.
A reaction on the subject came from AGD/MGV. In the statement shared with the public, it is stated that concerts and festivals negatively affect generations.
"Culture and art emerge in line with the material and spiritual values that nations have produced throughout history. As a matter of fact, these values are fed by the society. Our nation continues its existence with its traditions, customs and values. Societies tend towards the good, the beautiful and the truth with the cultural and artistic productions of their own dynamics. These productions are passed on to the next generations. Literature, music, cinema, theatre, painting, etc. Imitation in many production areas of culture and art will also leave the next generations without identity. It should not be forgotten that no matter what kind or level it is, culture provides a human environment. The environment of humanity, which is achieved with an imitative understanding of culture and art, causes a deep identity crisis in humanity itself," the statement said.


Despite the deepening economic crisis increasing the impact on the citizens, the budget allocated to the festivals reached millions.
"Concerts presented in festivals under the name of art and which are incompatible with our beliefs and values set a bad example for our youth. It is observed that some immoral attitudes and behaviors have increased in the festival areas. In addition, in the economic crisis our society is experiencing, it is not possible to accept the budgets allocated for festivals. Each and every one of us is a treasure, and we do not have a single young person to be condemned to these programs that do not match our beliefs, history and culture. It reminds us that our own civilization, which our country and nation has created with spiritual sensitivities for centuries, should not be harmed with a shallow and vulgar understanding; We invite our Ministry of Culture, institutions and municipalities, which should introduce our youth and society to quality activities, to turn from this mistake," the statement added.


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