Hamas' stance being appreciated! Prisoner or guest?

Hamas stance being appreciated! Prisoner or guest?
Date: 27.11.2023 15:00

On the one hand, Israel, which does not comply with the laws of both peace and war, and on the other hand, the HAMAS mujahideen waving goodbye to the Israeli prisoners they released...

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Mujahideen teach humanity lessons to the whole world. Israel, which has committed an atrocity never seen in human history in Gaza, is condemned with great demonstrations all over the world, especially by conscientious people.
The Zionist gang, which massacres everyone, including women, children, the elderly and even the sick, cannot get enough of blood.
The captives left, waving to the mujahideen
Among the parties exposed to all these treatments, the HAMAS mujahideen never lose their nobility.
It is obvious that the mujahideen treat the Israeli captives they hold very well, but when they release the captives, a sad atmosphere is created, as if a family member is going away.
Even the prisoners returning to their homes leave by waving to the mujahideen.


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