Israel to fight across all of Gaza after humanitarian pause

Israel to fight across all of Gaza after humanitarian pause
Date: 29.11.2023 16:00

The murderer stopped firing temporarily, but what happens next? What else is the Islamic world waiting for to stop this cruelty?

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Occupying Israel's Defense Minister Yoav Gallant visited terrorist Israeli soldiers in the Gaza Strip.
Touching on his plans after the "humanitarian pause" in the conflict, Gallant said, "The attacks will be more severe and will take place throughout the Gaza Strip."
Gallant gave the message to the invaders that the security mechanism and the government were behind them.
"We won't stop until our job is done!" Gallant added.


The number of Palestinians martyred in the Gaza Strip, which terrorist Israel kept under intense attack for 48 days, exceeded 15 thousand, including more than 6 thousand 150 children and more than 4 thousand women.
In the statement made on the Telegram account of the Media Office of the government in Gaza, it was stated that 70 journalists, 207 healthcare workers and 26 civil defense personnel were killed in the Israeli attacks.
In the statement, which reported that the number of injured people exceeded 36 thousand, it was pointed out that 75 percent of these people were women and children.
In the statement, it was noted that the number of missing people reached 7 thousand, including 4 thousand 700 women and children, and it was stated that whether these people remained under the rubble or their fate was unknown.


It was reported that 103 government facilities were destroyed, 266 schools were targeted and 67 of them were out of service in terrorist Israel's vile attacks.
In the statement, it was stated that Israel completely destroyed 88 mosques, damaged 174 and targeted 3 churches with its attacks.
The statement noted that Israel completely destroyed approximately 50 thousand houses and damaged 240 thousand houses in the Gaza Strip in 48 days, and underlined that this number corresponds to 60 percent of the houses in the Gaza Strip.


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