Israel turns Gaza into a "death camp"

Israel turns Gaza into a "death camp"
Date: 18.10.2023 12:00

The terrorist Israeli army's request a few days ago to approximately 1.1 million Palestinians living in the north of the Gaza Strip to move to the south of the region is equivalent to literally sending them to death. The fact that Israel, the brutal terrorist organization, started shooting the people migrating southward while they were on the way, is an indication of what kind of massacre it is planning.

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Kocaeli University Faculty of Political Sciences Department of International Relations Lecturer Prof. Dr. İrfan Kaya Ülger and British journalist of Palestinian origin Jehan Alfarra evaluated Israel's plan to forcibly send Palestinians to the south of the Gaza Strip.
Kaya stated that the steps taken by the terrorist Israel are incompatible with the aim of ensuring so-called border security, and said that the "go south" statement made by the Israeli army is not to protect the lives of civilians, but a modern exile.
Underlining that the Israeli army carried out attacks targeting civilians with a sense of revenge and clearly committed war crimes in Gaza, Kaya made the following assessment:
"Israel is committing the crime of ethnic genocide in the region according to international law norms rather than a rational solution. This is clearly seen in the discourse of the Israeli government, ministers and politicians. Israel's launch of a ground operation in Gaza would be a step aimed at punishing the civilian population. Forced migration of civilians to the south is clearly sending them to their deaths."


Kaya pointed out that the lack of adequate reaction from the world and international organizations to Israel's practices worsened the situation and continued as follows:
"There are very sad developments happening here. After the expulsion of Gazans, Israel may launch a land operation in the region. The area to which Israel has directed civilians as a safe zone has been bombed for days, leaving no stone unturned. A tragedy is taking place and a crime is being committed in front of the eyes of the modern world, states and international institutions. Israel and the Zionist school are literally committing ethnic genocide. Israel accomplishes this through state terrorism, disregarding the rules of the law of war. What are you going to do, eliminate all Palestinians?"
Ülger pointed out Israel's statement that it would only provide water to the southern region of the Gaza Strip in order to displace civilians in the north.
"Sending the people of the north to the south will make survival impossible for the Palestinians, who are already in a difficult situation in terms of population density, infrastructure and living conditions," Ülger said.


Alfarra, a British journalist of Palestinian origin, also noted that Israel's plan to deport civilians in Gaza to the south reminds us of the "Nakba" (Great Disaster) in 1948, when Palestinians were subjected to forced migration.
"Israel is trying to expel more than 1 million Palestinians from their homes in Gaza. This is more than the number of Palestinians deported by Zionist militia forces during the Nakba events in 1948," Alfarra said.
Alfarra pointed out that the south of Gaza was destroyed by bombardments and that the infrastructure of the region could not support this many civilians, and made the following assessment:
"Many Gazans have already moved many times to escape the bombardment. Families with their children were constantly targeted by attacks. Israel wanted those in Gaza to go south after continuous bombardments, destruction of neighborhoods, and food, water, electricity and fuel outages. This is almost impossible. There are not enough vehicles and fuel to transport more than 1 million Palestinians in the region."
Alfarra concluded his words by describing the forced migration that terrorist Israel wants to impose on Palestinians as a "death march":
"Are these people expected to walk for miles without food or water? If they leave, where will they go or where will they stay? Gaza is currently one of the most densely populated regions in the world. The south, which called for departure, was also bombed in an unprecedented way. In Khan Younis, families were killed in their sleep. Nowhere is safe for Palestinians. Israel has turned the Gaza Strip into a death camp from which there is no escape," Alfarra added.


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