Istanbul Governor visits Milli Gazete

Istanbul Governor visits Milli Gazete
Date: 16.11.2023 12:00

Millî Gazete Editor-in-Chief Mustafa Kurdaş told the Governor of Istanbul Davut Gül about the history and current activities of Milli Gazete and also expressed his satisfaction with the visit.

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Istanbul Governor Davut Gül paid a visit to Milli Gazete. Pointing out that Milli Gazete, which has completed 51 years in journalism, is an important public interest broadcaster in Türkiye, Kurdaş emphasized that Milli Gazete has a publishing approach that attracts the attention of all circles.
Expressing that he cares about and follows Milli Gazete, Governor Gül thanked Mustafa Kurdaş, especially the Milli Gazete employees, for their hospitality.
At the end of the meeting, Mustafa Kurdaş presented gifts consisting of the 50th Anniversary Almanac of the Milli Gazete and various Milli Gazete publications to Governor Gül.
During the visit, which took place in the office of Milli Gazete Editor-in-Chief Mustafa Kurdaş, Milli Gazete co-editors Ercan Özcan, Adnan Öksüz, Milli Gazete News Director Dursun Ali Bulut and Milli Gazete Advertising Coordinator Ertuğrul Köse were also present.


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