Karamollaoğlu: If we want the country to stand up, we must get rid of diseases

Karamollaoğlu: If we want the country to stand up, we must get rid of diseases
Date: 17.9.2020 15:00

Felicity (Saadet) Party General Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu stated that social diseases are as dangerous as the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Felicity (Saadet) Party General Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu made evaluations on the agenda at the weekly press conference. At the press conference held at the Felicity Party's Balgat Education Center, Karamollaoğlu started his speech by wishing Allah's mercy on the Red Crescent personnel who were martyred in the treacherous terrorist attack on the Red Crescent vehicle, which was conducting humanitarian aid work in Syria.
Saying that the impact of the coronavirus process is felt in every field, Karamollaoğlu reminded that face-to-face training will begin gradually on September 21, and the course of the pandemic shows that distance education will be on our agenda for a longer period of time. But here I want to draw attention to this point. It has been revealed that the system infrastructure, especially related to the trainings made on EBA TV, is insufficient since it is not fully established. So much so that the complaints we have received, the difficulties experienced by the parents in entering the system clearly reveal that the system's inadequacy is very serious. In particular, the situation of families who do not have a computer, tablet, internet or even television required to access online education is the most serious problem. Although the pandemic process has started since about March, it is truly regrettable that the government has not taken any steps to meet the needs of our citizens whose financial situation is insufficient."
Emphasizing that the inequality in education has increased with the coronavirus, Karamollaoğlu stated that the prices of technological devices used for distance education have increased with the fluctuation in the exchange rate and said, "Now, under these conditions, how do we expect our students to have an efficient education process. I would like to address Vodafone, Türkcell and Türk Telekom as well as the state; In this process, you too, put your hands under the responsibility, and you took an efficient step towards providing free internet infrastructure to our victim students when necessary. Let's not forget that millions of students, that is, the future of our country, are at stake here. I hope this negative atmosphere in education will be resolved as soon as possible and our students and parents will breathe a sigh of relief."
Referring to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's words "Billions of liras collected in the Individual Pension System (BES) can be given as loans to the private sector", Karamollaoğlu said:
"The pandemic process and economic crisis we are in has put our nation in a troubled process in every field. Unfortunately, the government said "I can overcome this problem" by asking for support by sending an IBAN instead of supporting the nation. Turkey's economic crisis is not possible to find a table to tell it better. Now this government, which has disposed of its 90-year savings like an inheritance, and squandered the reserve funds, which are the shroud money of this nation, now has its eyes on the BES money. President Erdogan gave the message that the BES money, reaching 154 billion TL, will be distributed as loans. As a good news. We have seen that no measure will work as long as this power's understanding of economy is squandering what is available for rent. This decision will not salve the wound of Turkey's economy, further wing wound. We want to warn you very clearly from now, do not sacrifice BES money to rent."
If we want the country to stand up, we must get rid of the diseases
Stating that social diseases are as dangerous as the Covid-19 pandemic, Karamollaoğlu said that as social diseases increase in society, it is not possible for society to attain peace and prosperity. Karamollaoğlu said, "Ibn-i Haldun, who laid the foundations of sociology hundreds of years ago, summarizes these diseases as follows; ‘If solidarity disappears, production weakens and taxes are increased, competence and merit are not given importance, injustice becomes widespread, immigration accelerates! Wait for disaster. "Unfortunately, today we are faced with all of these diseases that Ibn Khaldun emphasized in our country. If we really want our country to stand up, we have to get rid of these diseases hand in hand."
Karamollaoğlu also announced the prescription of the Felicity Party against social diseases:
1-Social solidarity should be increased, polarization and polarization between our nation should be eliminated rapidly.
2-Production-based economy should be adopted, non-production-oriented waste should be accepted and all investments should be stopped.
3-Agricultural production is a national security issue of a country, the necessary support should be given to agriculture and our farmers should be raised.
4-State qualification and merit should be taken at all levels, from absolute one-party state Turkey should be rescued image.
5-Justice should be established in a proper sense, and the idea that justice is provided by the construction of large justice palaces should be abandoned.
6-The provinces giving immigration should be empowered, the population accumulation in our metropolitan cities should be relieved by reverse migration.


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