Milli Gazete reaches the report of investigation of an operation on animal husbandry

Milli Gazete reaches the report of investigation of an operation on animal husbandry
Date: 11.1.2019 15:00

Our newspaper, Milli Gazete has reached a report of investigation of a huge operation on animal husbandry in Turkey.

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It has been documented how accurate the Milli Gazete has been in its publications for the days about the young farmers project. The young farmer's project, launched three years ago by the government to support the so-called young farmer, has turned to the field of some firms. The resulting of big operation also documented the claims of the firms.
In October, Ardahan Göle Gendarmerie Command captured 2183 ear tags in a truck belonging to a large Ankara-based company supplying animals to the young farmer's project. The capture of ear plugs from the province of Van in Ardahan Göle brought a big animal smuggling into question, and the fact that the company in question was an animal supplier in the young farmer project raised a grave scandal. While the complaints about the animals distributed by the company in question came from every region, the ear earrings gained a new dimension.
As it is known, ear tags must be worn by veterinarians assigned by the provincial directorates of agriculture to the animals. Ear tags belonging to a person can not be carried by another. If it can be carried out, you can smuggle any animal you want with these earrings. Since ear plugs are inserted into the ear tags for each of the animals, even if you put the ear tag on a sick animal, you can bring it to a healthy place and sell it. Even animals brought in from abroad are officially formalized.
Ear tag caught in the company's young farmer project is one of the important supplier companies, 30 thousand liras in return for the grant of farmers all animals distributed to shady. Young farmers may be discharged with illegal animals and diseased animals. The fact that the animals are distributed to the farmers and the blood kits are not counted, and the blood scales are not made, brings the scandal to a grave situation.


Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Ardahan-Göle Gendarmerie Command was alarmed after the operation. The issue was brought to the prosecutor's office, a large-scale investigation was initiated, while the ministry inspectors examined all the company's operations. Van Agricultural Provincial Directorate of these earrings to the company in question how and by whom it is being investigated, where these are paid for who is asked how much this earrings. It is expected that the emphasis of the ear tag is on the public, the stock market and the unity managers.
The animal procurement process, which came to the agenda in the ear tag operation, was given by TİGEM without a tender method. The former General Manager of TIGEM, Ismail Sanli, canceled the tender for the procurement of animals and gave a significant portion of the supply of animals to a more expensive number. The former chief executive had tried to defend the tender scandal, citing the rise in inflation. The firm earning the animal supply business in a non-awarding way, earning the ear tag strengthened the claims of ın great corruption in young farmers.


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