Mothers addressing president: We want to be heralded with the arrival of our children

Mothers addressing president: We want to be heralded with the arrival of our children
Date: 22.9.2019 16:00

Mothers, who continue sit-in protest outside HDP office in Diyarbakir because their children were kidnapped by the HDP, addressed all the politicians, especially the president, "We want to be heralded with our children".

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The families who continue their sit-in protest outside the HDP office in Diyarbakir since September 3, made a call that mothers shouldn’t be cried anymore, to stop the tears and to end the longing for children.
Calling on HDP/PKK, mother Yildiz Balli, whose 16-years-old daughter was kidnapped in 2014 in Esenyurt, Istanbul, said: "Help us for the sake of Allah".
Let us get our children back. They say my daughter was killed in Sirnak in 2018. I don't believe it. I want my daughter dead or alive. If they fear Allah, let them send my daughter to me, let them send me any news related to my daughter.
"See these feelings of mothers now"
Mother Türkan Mutlu, who to take part in the sit-in action, said she hasn’t heard from her daughter Ceylan Şeyma Tekin for 7 years, since the time she was kidnapped.
"Not only Turkey but also the whole world should lay a hand on this issue. They should stop cry mothers. We want them to find a cure for this pain we suffering," she said.
Calling on her kidnapped daughter, painful mother Türkan Mutlu said, "My daughter, come back to home. Do not fear anyone but Allah. I'm not mad at you. Your family is really miserable. After you, we've been through so much pain."
I call on the president and all political party officials to see us now. See these feelings of mothers now. I've been suffering for 7 years. I can't go to bed thinking my daughter is cold when it's winter.
"My child, who was deceptively kidnapped, memorized parts of the Quran"
Another painful mother Mevlude Ucdag, whose son was deceptively kidnapped to the rural areas controlled by the PKK, said his son has memorized 23 parts of the Holy Qur'an, adding that she wants to be heralded with the arrival of her child.
"I'm not leaving until my son comes," said mother Mevlude Ucdag, stating that she wants her son back who has been missing since 2015.
Mr. President, 'for the sake of the Qur'an you read every day, my son has memorized the Holy Qur'an. Please save him. Find a solution and get my son out of there. I beg you, give us the good news with the arrival of our children. Do what you do to your son, to my son. Pour water on these smoldering mothers' heart. These old mothers are sick, they can't sit here.
"HDP office is a branch of Qandil"
"I specifically address the president and all political leaders; 'Enough is enough! Don’t make mothers cry anymore, don’t let their hearts to suffer anymore," said the bitter mother Ayşegül Biçer, adding that have right to stage a sit-in protest demanding their children back.
"My son was detained by YPG terrorists on August 17, 2018. On November 19, 2018, I was told by a phone call that my son was with YPG terrorists. My son's name is Mohammad Mustafa, they have a code called 'Agid Baran'," she said.
Pointing out that they do not demand any money or property from anyone but demand their children back as their right, mother Ayşegül Biçer continued as follows:
We get insulted every day while sitting here. They say we get money and talk here. Definitely is fame, and not true. We are here in our free will. The day we came, we said,' death or victory.' We don't bow to threats.
'Why are you sitting outside the HDP office, why are you not sitting outside the AK Party office,' they ask. The AK Party didn't kidnap our children. We are here because the HDP is the branch of Qandil.
Saying that their children were kidnapped through HDP office and that is the reason they have staged a sit-in protest outside the party office, painful mother concluded that they want their children back.


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