Mustafa Kaya: "Is January 6 a new September 11 for the US?"

Mustafa Kaya: "Is January 6 a new September 11 for the US?"
Date: 10.1.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Mustafa Kaya writes on the US. Here is the full article.

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The raid on the Congress in the United States on January 6 seems to be discussed for many years. Beyond debate, it will go down in history as a breaking point for the USA. Before 20 January, the day President Donald Trump had to turn over, it was thought he was going to do something, but in fact, no one expected that much. The raid on Congress, which is regarded as the heart of the American system, and during the presidential vote of Joe Biden, who came out of the polls on November 3, shocked everyone. Many evaluations have been made, from the questioning of the system to the discussions about the end of history for America. There have been comments that the globalist-nationalist conflict has already become an issue of national security for the United States. Actually, the essence of the matter is this; What happened in the USA is actually nothing more than different readings of capitalism. As always, the economy is at the heart of the business. In the content of the struggle, there are different answers given to the question of who will benefit or what will be ranked before the advantages provided by capitalism in the country. As opposed to the globalists' approach that it is essential to be active outside in order to keep America alive at home, we can say that nationalists have a method differences in the way that we first gather ourselves and then we look outside. Otherwise, they actually meet at the same point regarding the world gendarmerie. In particular, Trump's strategy of "hitting the bird with the stone of the hand" in the Middle East was a political attitude aimed at this purpose. In addition, his preference for crude populism inside was enough to reveal the congress-raid scenes. The fact that all the visual figures in the American civil war appeared in Congress as if they were out of the time machine showed the world that the USA is not as safe as it is supposed to be. It was the system that sustained America, which was already a collective country. Americans attributed almost divine significance to their systems. However, what happened revealed that this system had a life for Trump. A figure like him, who does not know any rules and does not respect anyone else, showed that everything can be reversed, as if in a show.
Another interesting point in this process was that Israel remained silent about what was happening in the USA. Israel probably acted with the idea that I would be the loser, whoever wins, and continues to do so. Israel is so sure of this that it is as if I wrote the script and the one who will determine the result behaves in my comfort.
Besides, what happened on January 6 was like the final scene, which was the summary of the last four years. This process showed both the USA and the whole world;
Populism is not a sustainable management approach.
Deity of mind can put a person in a psychopathic mood.
I know everything, acting in my own way is the basis of megalomania.
For those who cannot operate the common mind and destroy the institutional mind, the end of the road is a void.
As a result, in the USA, the paste is now out of the tube. Congressional pressure will have consequences for America. Emphasis will be placed on before and after January 6 at the center of the evaluations. As you know, the attacks on the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001 served America's goal of designing the world. In one dimension, January 6 is actually September 11. However, America's job is now much more difficult than the first. Because it was easy to take democracy outside. Let's see what it's like to bring democracy inside.


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