Necmettin Çalışkan: "Milli Gazete is 49 years old (where it has been standing for 49 years)

Necmettin Çalışkan: "Milli Gazete is 49 years old (where it has been standing for 49 years)
Date: 14.1.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Dr. Necmettin Çalışkan writes on Milli Gazete's 49th establishment anniversary. Here is the full article.

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Depending on its national and moral values, you cannot see another newspaper that started its publication life with the slogan "Truth has arrived, falsehood perished" and has remained in the same line for 49 years.
The motto of "Truth has arrived, falsehood perished" expresses our side and our direction.
It is not an easy task to explain the right to people without deviating from the line since the day it started its broadcasting life, which has come to this day with great sacrifices.
Maintaining its line without bending or twisting every period; a newspaper that guides matters in cold blood, rather than fueling the fire.
Despite the newspapers published with the support of the holdings and barons behind it, it is not the one who caresses the feelings; It is a newspaper full of content that translates ideas, reveals the hidden points of the agenda and produces solutions without losing sight of peace.
It gives people knowledge and consciousness and opens the horizon with satisfying writings in almost every field. It functions as a school in terms of both its writer and readership.
When we look at the history of Milli Gazete, we see that many writers have started this field in Milli Gazete today. Again, we see that the staff of many newspapers today are out of the Milli Gazete. Milli Gazete has such an abundance in this field.
In many newspapers, the management, perspective, and publishing policies have changed, real political patterns have been entered, but Milli Gazete has not entered into any real political patterns until today.
Who has not come and passed through this school while continuing on the line where it has stood since the first day.
Since it is one with its reader, all its readers have the same perspective and consciousness.
For this reason, the consciousness of people who enter their home in the Milli Gazete is not shaken.
Nowadays, he did not compromise his stance by not accepting the advertiser's offer, although he asked a company to compromise its stance in return for advertising and censor a news. That is why it is a newspaper that we should always protect and the food of our soul.
Milli Gazete is a newspaper that has given direction to many of our people. Event to how we can see that we need Turkey's Milli Gazete, is a very important place for the Islamic world and humanity.
It is a newspaper that we bear the responsibility of a major case.
Finally, let us convey a statement of the late Erbakan Hodja on the media and Milli Gazete: "In a country, as we see today, if the issues against the country are supported by the media, then the persecution continues in that country. In order to get rid of these persecutions, it is necessary to put forward a stronger media than that negative media. Today's Milli Gazete is of great importance to him."


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