No change in Israel-Türkiye relations

No change in Israel-Türkiye relations
Date: 6.11.2023 14:00

Even though the people crying blood took to the streets... Even though all political parties, including the ruling party, held rallies, nothing actually changed for our country!

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It's unbelievable, but the official authorities' statement is exactly like this.
According to Anadolu Agency, Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Lior Hayat announced that despite the recent developments, there is no change in diplomatic relations between Ankara and Tel Aviv.
Despite the inhumane massacres in Gaza, nothing has changed diplomatically between Ankara and Tel Aviv.
“Only Türkiye's ambassador to Tel Aviv went to Ankara to make an evaluation.”
Spokesperson of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lior Hayat, spoke about the recall of Turkey's Tel Aviv Ambassador Şakir Özkan Torunlar to Ankara for consultations and Türkiye's attitude towards the attacks on Israel's blockaded Gaza Strip.
Hayat explained that diplomatic relations between Israel and Türkiye have not changed after these developments.
"We must rethink how to prevent such a crisis," Hayat said.


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