Okan Buruk: We will win all the remaining matches in the league

Okan Buruk: We will win all the remaining matches in the league
Date: 13.4.2023 12:00

Galatasaray coach Okan Buruk came together with journalists following Galatasaray at the iftar invitation he gave.

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Answering the questions of the press members after the meal, followed by our correspondent Uğur Şenpire, the experienced technical man clarified many curious issues.
Okan Buruk and Galatasaray Deputy Chairman Erden Timur met with members of the press following the yellow-red team at iftar.
Making statements at the chat meeting held, Buruk stated that they are aiming for the championship in the Super League, where they sit in the leadership seat.
"No matter which team you ask at the beginning of the season, everyone would agree to be the leader this week, even with a 1 point difference. We are now 6 points ahead. This is an important advantage. Of course we have to win all the matches. Our competitors are also winning. We have no other ideas. We will see our own business. Sometimes you wait for your opponents to lose points, but right now we are the team that will win, not wait," Buruk said.
When asked which of the teams that follow them is more assertive, Buruk said, "Due to the difference in points, Fenerbahçe is much ahead of Beşiktaş. However, Beşiktaş is also winning. There are also advantages in fixtures."


Buruk stated that they want Argentinian striker Mauro Icardi to stay in the team.
"We want Icardi to stay. The fans want it too. The main element of all of us should be country football. A smart person first raises the platform he is on. Names like Icardi also highlight the value of country football. We want it to stay. Since it's his last year at PSG, something like a re-hire is impossible," he added.


The coach of the yellow-red team said that they will play a dominant game against Yukatel Kayserispor, which they will host in the 29th week of the Super League.
Referring to the quality of their opponents, who were defeated 2-1 away in the first half of the league, Buruk said, "Kayserispor is a good and in form team. There are key players. These players are more enthusiastic and willing in their matches with big teams. We will play our own game. We aim for a dominant game in our own field. We will play to win. We will not make the mistakes in the first game."
Buruk talked about the situation of Abdülkerim Bardakcı, who was injured in the quarter-final match of the Ziraat Turkish Cup against Medipol Başakşehir.
"Abdulkerim is doing individual work. We will try to get it until Friday. There is a possibility that it will grow," Buruk stated.


Buruk made a statement to our friend Uğur Şenpire.
"We made mistakes in the game in the first half of the season. After that game, we had very good momentum. Kayserispor is also in form. But we will not repeat the mistakes of the first game. We will beat Kayserispor with the support of our fans," he said.


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