One of the leading figures of the National Vision Movement in Cyprus makes striking statements to our newspaper

One of the leading figures of the National Vision Movement in Cyprus makes striking statements to our newspaper
Date: 29.11.2021 15:00

Hasan Kalyoncu, one of the leading figures of the National Vision Movement in Cyprus, who spoke to our newspaper about his memories of Prof. Dr. Necmettin Erbakan and martyr Metin Yüksel, made emotional words.

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Hasan Kalyoncu, who is one of the symbolic names of National Vision Movement (Milli Görüş) in Cyprus and has a close friendship with the leader of the movement, Prof. Dr. Necmettin Erbakan, made a statement to our newspaper.
Sharing his memories with Erbakan Hodja, Kalyoncu also spoke about the importance of the National Vision Movement.
Kalyoncu said that National Vision is the order that Allah wants us to establish on earth in order to achieve happiness in this world and in the hereafter.
"Our aim is Islam, our resource is National Vision," he said.
Hasan Kalyoncu, one of the veteran names of National Vision Movement in Cyprus, said that the members of National Vision gained the necessary attitude towards current issues.
"Erbakan Hodja opened a cinema against the cinema, opened a newspaper against the newspaper, opened associations against associations, founded parties against parties. Unfortunately, many people could not follow Erbakan's path with various deceptions," he added.
Using his statements, Kalyoncu stated that there is no current issue that Erbakan left blank.


Hasan Kalyoncu, who shared his memories with Erbakan Hodja with our newspaper, talked about the process when ESKAD (Universal Love and Brotherhood Association) was established in Cyprus.
Kalyoncu used following words:
"Professor Erbakan said, 'This will not be like this. We need to establish an organization in Cyprus,' he said. I went to Balgat, we were having breakfast at Erbakan Hodja's house. Erbakan Hodja, referring to me, said, 'A young man from Kayseri has found a good name for the organization we will establish.' I said, 'The Association of Those Who Love Erbakan and Brother Akıncılar'. He got up, kissed my forehead and the name of our organization here was determined as ESKAD."
Kalyoncu stated that they often spoke in code in their youth years.
"We used to talk in code most of the time when we were young. At the time of Metin Yüksel, my name was DİKO. It stands for 'World Islamic Liberation Army'. They called me DİKO Hasan," Kalyoncu added.


Kalyoncu, who conveyed another memory he had about the leader of National Vision, Erbakan Hodja, made remarkable statements.
Kalyoncu said that Erbakan Hoca had guests from abroad one day.
"Erbakan Hodja had guests from abroad, from Bosnia. We all sit together. One of them approached me and said tearfully, I'll tell you something. 'I fell asleep with a gun in my hand while on watch. Erbakan came and woke me up,' he said."
Hasan Kalyoncu, who also expressed a memory about the martyr Metin Yüksel in the statements he made to our newspaper, shared an emotional memory.
"Metin Yuksel was shot one day. We went to the hospital, we will have dressing for wounds. The doctor wanted to cut the pants, Metin Yuksel did not want that. When the doctor came out, he said, 'My brother, I have no pants to wear other than this'. Now think about the life we ​​lived, and think about the struggle we had at that time," Kalyoncu added.


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