Pensioners tired, hopeless and unhappy in Turkey

Pensioners tired, hopeless and unhappy in Turkey
Date: 30.11.2021 13:00

The deep economic crisis in Turkey has increased poverty. The retirees, who are most affected by the bad economic conditions, are literally fighting for their livelihood.

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Retirees and those who are entitled to retire make up approximately 14 million people in Turkey. Retirees, one of the largest social groups, unfortunately suffer economically. While millions of retirees and beneficiaries have to live far below the minimum wage, their pensions are decreasing day by day. While this situation creates widespread retirement poverty, the vast majority of retirees are either working or looking for work. Retirees, who became poorer day by day due to the inadequacy of their salaries, told the Milli Gazete about their difficulties. 


“It is not possible for this pension to be enough with such expensive prices. People have to take a second job or are looking for a job. I retired from the state, but after a while I became unable to provide a living for my two children. I am surprised when I go to the market. I'm checking what I bought. I spend at least 500 Turkish Liras (TL). After the hikes in gasoline, diesel, LPG; transportation is also very expensive. I am helpless because of the hikes in oil, sugar, meat, milk, cheese, vegetables and fruits,” retired servant, S.U. said.


On the other hand, retired worker A.G. he stated that he did not avoid expenses when he made his child marry before, but now he cannot afford the same.
“When there is a wedding, we are afraid that we will go and give gold. We do not have a social life. We can't go to a theater, to a trip. We can't have a meal out with our family. The kitchen itself is a fire place. Olive oil is 200 TL, if you buy oil, it is 100 TL. At the moment, there is nothing less than 10 TL in terms of food. It is no longer possible for us to eat healthy. We said that when we retire, we will live our lives. I was going to buy a summer house, I was going to go on vacation, I couldn't do any of these things,” A.G. said.


“It is ignored that the pensioner is a member of the society. There is no one around me who does not do additional work. Retirees across Turkey should not be condemned to poverty in the autumn of their lives by receiving salaries below the minimum wage. There should be no pension below the poverty line. As retirees, they should have a decent salary and money in their pocket. Societies that take care of their elderly and retirees are happy societies," Cafer Cengiz, Head of the Turkish Pensioners' Association Esenyurt Branch said.


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