Population game in the West Bank occupation!

Population game in the West Bank occupation!
Date: 23.6.2020 15:00

Israel will prepare the ground for its invasion with the census to be carried out in the Jordan Valley.

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The Tel Aviv administration chose the Jordan Valley as its first target as part of its annexation plan for the West Bank. Preparing to occupy the region, the Zionist administration will adapt the population to the occupation against the reactions from the world. With the census to be carried out by the Israeli army, the perception of the Jewish population in the region is more dense than the Palestinians.
While terrorist Israel is finalizing the plans that Palestine has prepared to annex the West Bank region, it is also looking for ways to fit cover. The Netanyahu government, which could not see the support it expected from the international public except the USA, put a new game on the census in the region.


The population game will be held in the Jordan Valley of the West Bank. It was stated that Jordan Valley should be left to Israel in the so-called draft, which was drafted by the President of the USA, Donald Trump and called the Century Agreement. This region is planned to be occupied for the first time under the West Bank Annex Plan.


Based on the perception that the Jewish invaders in the region have a more dense population than the Palestinians, the Tel Aviv will bring up the propaganda that the region is legitimate to connect with the population in terms of population. With this propaganda, it is aimed to have the occupation attempt accepted by the international public. The fact that the Israeli army will carry out the census in the Jordan Valley, which is a military area and where civilian elements cannot be intervened, reveals the game.


The Jordan Valley, where the population game will be held, is one-third of the West Bank, which Israel occupied after the 6-Day War in 1967. The region, which forms the border with Jordan and has rich water resources, is 100 kilometers from the north of the Dead Sea to one end of the valley, which contains fertile lands along the east of the West Bank. The width of the valley reaches 10 kilometers.
* The annexation will also destroy Palestinian Jordanian border, and Palestinians will have no borders with any country other than Israel. Thus, Palestine will be isolated from the best, facing Tel Aviv government's occupation policies and destroying the hopes of returning to the countries of millions of Palestinians who have to leave their countries.


Nearly 100 thousand Palestinians live in the region, while more than 10 thousand Jewish settlers, who are illegal by international law, live. However, Tel Aviv claims that the number of Palestinians permanently living in the region on each platform is much lower, and there are games against them in terms of the number in the region.
Palestinians will lose tens of thousands of acres of land if Israel annexes this valley, which it has set its eyes on. The annexation of the valley, which also includes the agricultural lands that feed Palestine, will cause the food problem already experienced in Palestine to increase even further in the following years.
Israeli activist Eleonore Bronstein stated that she has decided to leave her country and said, "If you oppose Zionism and fight for human rights, you will be a traitor in Israel," and said they even received death threats.
Bronstein left Israel, where he spent almost his entire life, with his wife and 3-year-old child and settled in Brussels, the capital of Belgium. Stating that activists have to hide their views and activities in Israel, Bronstein underlined that anti-Zionist people were declared traitors in Israel. Bronstein said, “Activists are stigmatized in Israel. There are threats against the children of these people, and death calls are made on social media. The situation is getting worse for people like us. "There is no longer any place in Israel for us," he said. Saying that he also received death threats, Bronstein said, "If you oppose Zionism and fight for human rights, you will be a traitor in Israel."


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