Rainfall increased yield in wheat by 23%

Rainfall increased yield in wheat by 23%
Date: 6.8.2023 09:00

Thanks to the rainfall that fell in the spring in Diyarbakır, this year's wheat yield on a decare basis exceeded the average for many years. The yield, which was 390 kilograms per decare, increased by 23 percent to approximately 480 kilograms.

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Harvest has been completed in cereals and pulses produced on approximately 4 million 300 thousand decares in Diyarbakır, one of the important agricultural centers of Türkiye.
With the regular and sufficient rainfall in the spring months, the wheat yield, which was 799 thousand tons last year, is expected to increase to 1 million 200 thousand tons this year.
In addition to the wheat yield, the precipitation increased the yield, which was 390 kilograms per decare compared to the long-term average, to approximately 480 kilograms with an increase of 23 percent.
Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry, Mustafa Ertan Atalar, pointed out that this year was a very good season, and stated that the farmers' farming with modern techniques and the adequate decrease in precipitation this year provided a significant increase in yield.
"The face of our farmer smiled in cereals this year. The yield has reached quite satisfactory levels. Barley in particular is in very good condition. Wheat is good compared to the average for many years. This year, we expect about 1 million 200 thousand tons of wheat harvest to be realized in our province. Our harvest last year was 799 thousand tons. This year, the yield increased by 48 percent compared to last year. In Diyarbakır, we had a wheat yield of 390 kilograms per decare compared to the long-term average. The average yield this year is around 480 kilograms. Therefore, our yield per decare increased by 23 percent. After the drought in the last two years (2021-2022), our farmer's yield and harvest this year made our farmers smile," Atalar said.


Mehmet Güzelsoy, a member of the Board of Directors of Sur Chamber of Agriculture, who works as a farmer in the rural Bağpınar neighborhood of the central Sur district, stated that they had low yields due to the drought in the last two years, but this year both the yield and the yield were good.
"The yield is very good with the rain falling this year. Last year, I got a yield of 250 kilograms per decare due to drought. This year, we achieved a yield of 500 kilograms or more per decare. After two years of drought, we were very pleased to buy this product," Atalar added.


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