Saadet Party addresses 8 questions to Vanspor executives

Saadet Party addresses 8 questions to Vanspor executives
Date: 20.7.2022 10:30

Saadet Party Van Provincial Presidency issued a press release regarding the negative developments in Vanspor in recent years.

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A press release was issued by the Saadet Party Van Provincial Presidency regarding the problems experienced in Vanspor Club. In the press release published on behalf of the Saadet Party Van Provincial Chairman Özay İlhan, it was underlined that the principle of accountability and transparency should be adhered to. Before the Vanspor Club Ordinary Congress, which will be held today, the press release addressed 8 critical questions to the club managers, and drew attention to the expenses and income costs of the 2021-2022 season. 


In the press statement issued on behalf of the Saadet Party Van Provincial Chairman Özay İlhan, concerns about the Vanspor Club were expressed and said, "Vanspor, the 91-year-old sports club of Van, is not just a football team. Vanspor is the economic and social brand and value of our Van. Vanspor is the only brand of Van, which has preserved its value for 91 years, which turns every match into a festival atmosphere, sometimes upsetting and sometimes happy. The negative developments in Vanspor in recent years are unstable. This situation has worried the fans of Vanspor, all segments of our city and us. No one knows what will happen next in the Vanspor community. In environments where accurate and reliable information is not shared on time, gossip and whispered news replace the facts.”


In the press release published, 8 questions were asked to Vanspor Club managers and asked, "What is Vanspor's income and expenditure budget in the 2021-2022 football season? How much money should be spent to players, technical officials and administrative officials? Who contributed how much financially to Vanspor among the managers? Who was the aVanspor management, who resigned, who continues to work with what title and authority? Several transfers were made by the new management. What kind of contract was made with the contracted persons? How will the payments be made from which budget? Will the existing executives who have signed the contract aspire to the management at the congress? Or are they waiting to take charge in the new management? How and by whom are the sports and administrative decisions taken in Vanspor? And lastly, is the knowledge of people who have served as chairman or manager in Vanspor benefited? We expect club managers to answer these questions.”


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