Saadet Party leader Karamollaoğlu: "I wish you had listened to us before"

Saadet Party leader Karamollaoğlu: "I wish you had listened to us before"
Date: 20.9.2018 12:00

Saadet Party Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu mentioned the President's remarks about waste and investments. Karamollaoglu pointed out the very insidious and dangerous steps taken in Cyprus.

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Saadet Party Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu made important evaluations about the agenda at the weekly press conference of his party in Balgat headquarters. Karamollaoğlu started the press conference by commemorating Veterans Day, commemorating all the martyrs and veterans.
In a press conference, referring to the words of President Edogan, Karamollaoglu said, We will stop investments that are not wasting production said Saadet Leader Karamollaoğlu, ‘We said before, they just realized! Karamollaoğlu said that the economy had warned in advance that it gave a signal of crisis, but that the government had blocked it, ı If only we could have given our words earlier, he said.
Karamollaoğlu continued his speech by wishing success for all teachers and students due to the beginning of the new academic year. It is the education system that will process the ore. However, Karamollaoğlu noted that this ore could not be processed due to the education policies which did not fit in the way. The system was changed 8 times in 16 years, 8 times. So, what's the result? We are in the last place among OECD countries. That is, the spirit, the yeast, the essence of education that needs to be changed. The important thing is not how many times we put children in the test, but what we put in their hearts. 
Karamollaoglu, President Erdogan, assessments, ’We are going to the economy of production, not to waste economy. We put aside the investments that have been made but not started. The current situation requires this, ”he recalled. Stating that the statements used by the President are important, Karamollaoğlu said: am I do not want to use this sentence but ad we have said ’. For months we have been calling for an end to waste economy and to stop all investments that are not directed to production. It would be our hearts that our warnings would be heard and understood before we entered the crisis environment. "We will stop all investments that are not directed to production" from our promise to the train, the road, the bridge, the tunnel as we were against the funny results. However, we find President Erdoğan's words positive. We expect this to happen with a serious and sincere will.
Speaking about the “gift plane’ which is one of the most notable issues of the last days, Karamollaoğlu said ’This is a $ 500 million gift that came out, dolar he said. The name of the gift, whether the grant, the money, whether free, or the order of the aircraft taken from the Emir of Qatar is so wrong. 


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