Standing up for Al-Quds

Standing up for Al-Quds
Date: 8.3.2021 12:00

The International Jerusalem Week, where valuable works will be undersigned, begins today ...

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With the activities to be organized between March 8-14, which includes the anniversary of Miraj [the ascension of the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) into heaven] and the conquest of Al-Quds by Saladin Ayyubi, another step will be taken towards the freedom of Al-Quds again.
An important work will be carried out between 8 and 14 March 2021 with the organization of the Palestinian Scholars Union. In this context, "International Al-Quds Week" will be organized with the cooperation of dozens of institutions and NGOs in many countries.
Valuable work will be carried out in the direction of the freedom of Jerusalem and Palestinian lands with the activities that will take place in the last week of the month of Recep, which includes the anniversary of Miraj and the conquest of Al-Quds by Saladin Ayyubi.
One stop of the International Jerusalem Week, which will be held in many parts of the world, will be Turkey.
Many NGOs will also participate in the program, which will be attended at the Turkish Presidency of Religious Affairs level.
Lectures, sermons and online conferences on Jerusalem will be held in Turkey as part of the International Jerusalem Week.
The next Friday prayer will be in Al-Quds and a sermon on Jerusalem will be given. In the works to be carried out, the importance of Jerusalem and why it should be studied for Jerusalem will be explained.
In the activities where the situation in Al-Quds will be explained, what can be done against the invaders will also be discussed.


Valuable projects for the Al-Quds case will be implemented during the International Al-Quds Week to be held between 8 and 14 March 2021. In this direction, studies will be carried out to support Quran courses and schools in Al-Quds. Again, projects will be created to support the renovation works in Al-Quds. A project will also be launched for Palestinians who are in a difficult situation due to the occupation in Jerusalem. On the other hand, this week, Turkish, Arabic and English hashtags will be conducted on social media regarding the International Al-QudsWeek.


Activities will be carried out in many countries in line with the International Al-Quds Week organized in the last week of the month of Recep. More than fifty international institutions, NGOs and scholars' associations will participate in the programs to be organized in countries such as Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Pakistan. Different activities will be carried out in each country for a week. During the week, when the duty of Muslims within the scope of the Al-Quds and Palestine case will be discussed, there will be studies in the field of media.


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