Teknofest candidates grow in this school

Teknofest candidates grow in this school
Date: 1.6.2022 11:30

Housing Development Administration of Turkey (TOKI) Martyr Caglar Canbaz Imam Hatip Secondary School Technology Design Fair attracted great attention.

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TOKİ Şehit Çağlar Canbaz İmam Hatip Secondary School, which is one of the project schools where scientific-technological activities are organized by giving importance to the academic and spiritual education of the students, showed its difference with the technology fair it organized.
There were many visitors from Küçükçekmece and surrounding districts, civil and local administrators and non-governmental organizations to the fair, where more than 50 students, the future Teknofest candidate, will exhibit more than 80 projects for a week.
The fair, which has many different designs such as a battery-operated lighted eraser, a hair brush that collects spilled hair, an environmentally friendly rainwater roof, awaits its visitors in the hall of TOKİ Martyr Çağlar Canbaz Imam Hatip Secondary School.
Sedat Ayer, the principal of the school, "Our school is one of the project schools that gives importance to academic and spiritual education and gets good grades in the high-school entrance exam," he said.
Ayer also stated that they accept nearly 300 students each year through the exam.


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