Teknopark Istanbul offices opening soon

Teknopark Istanbul offices opening soon
Date: 5.6.2022 10:00

As Turkey's most important technology development center, Teknopark Istanbul provides R&D companies with international connections and access to a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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The multi-purpose and transformable modular offices of Turkey's advanced technology center Teknopark Istanbul, which are under construction on the campus adjacent to Sabiha Gökçen Airport, are opening very soon.
R&D companies located in the new offices in the 3rd Stage buildings of Teknopark Istanbul provide the advantage of establishing international connections, while providing access to a strong ecosystem.
Inviting entrepreneurs with start-up projects to be at the center of the entrepreneurship ecosystem, Teknopark Istanbul offers sectoral and academic cooperation opportunities as well as meeting the spatial needs of R&D companies.
Companies that carry out R&D studies within Teknopark Istanbul gain strong international connections, and get the opportunity to work in an entrepreneurial ecosystem with high interaction by acquiring new partners.


While facilities such as indoor and outdoor parking lots, conference and meeting rooms, eating and drinking areas, indoor swimming pool, tennis courts, market, stationery, dry cleaning and fitness are provided as standard in the Teknopark Istanbul campus, its R&D infrastructure attracts the attention of companies.
Teknopark Istanbul's R&D infrastructure includes a dark room, assembly and electronic workshop, independent Technology Transfer Office (TTO) and clusters.
There are offices of different sizes from 50 m2 to 3200 m2 in the 3rd Stage buildings of Technopark Istanbul, which is established on an area of ​​65 thousand m2.
Entrepreneurs and R&D personnel who develop projects in these offices; they will also have the opportunity to work interactively, thanks to their shared office space (co-working).
In the smart buildings with flexible design, built with the principles of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), multi-purpose and transformable use was taken care of.


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