Terrorist Israeli army retreats from northern Gaza!

Terrorist Israeli army retreats from northern Gaza!
Date: 21.11.2023 14:00

The Israeli regime, which committed genocide in Gaza with air strikes, is defeated in the ground operation. Faced with the fierce resistance of the Mujahideen, Israeli forces, far from advancing, were forced to retreat after suffering heavy losses in some areas.

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The terrorist Israeli army continues to bomb the blockaded Gaza Strip from the air for 44 days.
As a result of the clashes with Palestinian mujahideen groups on land, it was forced to retreat from the north of the Gaza Strip, where it had previously made progress, and from some points in the city, suffering heavy losses.


Israeli occupation forces changed their position 3 km west from Al-Khadra and Al-Zaitun District in the south of Gaza city.
Israeli forces also withdrew from the Abu Sharh junction in the Jibaliya district in the north of the Gaza Strip, and from the Al-Saraya and Dubayt junctions on Al-Jala Street in the center of Gaza City.
Israeli military vehicles also left the Tel al-Hawa District and were deployed on Al-Rashid Street in the west of Gaza City.
Saftawi, Abu Sharh junction and Al-Karama areas were largely destroyed by Israeli forces.
The withdrawals in question took place after violent clashes with the Palestinian mujahideen in the Al-Nasr District, the area around the Shifa Hospital, the Al-Saraya region and the Al-Sabra District in the south of Gaza City.


The terrorist Israeli army announced that 2 more terrorists died in the blockaded Gaza Strip.
In the written statement made by the army, it was stated that 2 invaders died in the clashes in the north of the Gaza Strip.
The Israeli army announced yesterday that first 2 of its soldiers were killed, then 3 more.
With the latest figures, the number of soldiers who died yesterday increased to 9. The Israeli army reported that the number of soldiers killed since October 31, when it attempted a ground operation in Gaza, has increased to 65.


Meanwhile, HAMAS's armed wing, Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, announced that some terrorist Israeli soldiers stationed in a house in the Gaza Strip were killed and 29 armored vehicles were destroyed.
It was reported that resistance forces affiliated with the brigades attacked Israeli soldiers stationed in a house in the Cehr Al-Deek region, east of Gaza city.
It was noted that the soldiers in the building were targeted with TBG rockets and many soldiers were killed.


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