The Archbishop is very pleased!

The Archbishop is very pleased!
Date: 6.9.2018 13:00

Armenian Patriarchate of Turkey, Archbishop Atesyan said in a statement that Akdamar Island's property, it had received from the Holy Cross Church at the top.

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Ateshyan emphasized that the AKP Government changed many things with the advent of the AKP government. "At the Church of the Surp Cross in Akdamar Island, which was restored in 2007, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism granted us permission to make a ritual ceremony us" he said. Atesyan, Culture and Tourism Ministry officials will take place in the liturgy, in many parts of Turkey, especially the participation of Armenian community of Istanbul, said they had no cultural activity.
Ateşyan stated that they heard that many people from Armenia would also join the moon, said: "They were close to 7 thousand people in 2011, this time we can not expect 7 thousand people, but 2-3 thousand people is a big figure for us. According to the news we received, there is already a revival already. There is almost no room in Van and in the hotels. This means that quite a few people come to offer the sacrifice. "Atesyan, the words continued as follows:" Up to the year in which the AK Party came many things were taboo in Turkey and we are pained especially minorities. With the advent of the AK Party, many taboos were destroyed. We are repairing our churches and even giving permission to church is given to some communities. Turkey is changing, Turkey is not the old Turkey anymore."


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