The letter sent from Hijaz to Erbakan Hodja!

The letter sent from Hijaz to Erbakan Hodja!
Date: 24.11.2021 18:00

National Vision leader Prof. Dr. Necmettin Erbakan Hodja receives a letter from an important person in Saudi Arabia during his Prime Ministry duty. So, what was written in this letter coming from Hijaz and from whom did it come?

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The late leader of the National Vision (Milli Görüş) Movement, Prof. Dr. Necmettin Erbakan is one of the most loved and respected leaders in the Islamic world with his works. Erbakan Hodja's D-8 Movement, which he founded for the unity and development of Islamic countries, and many other projects are important even today. 
Erbakan Hodja, who is loved from the East to the West of the Islamic world, has always been the focus of attention of Muslims. 


Erbakan Hodja's coming to power in Turkey as the Chairman of the Welfare (Refah) Party in 1996 was greeted with as much joy in the Islamic world as it aroused concern in Zionist Imperialist circles.
Letters and congratulations began to be sent to Erbakan Hodja from all over the Islamic world. A letter also sent to Erbakan Hodja from Saudi Arabia. The person who sent a letter to Erbakan Hodja from Saudi Arabia was Sheikh Abdulaziz Ibn Baz, the Chief Mufti of Saudi Arabia at the time.
According to Abdullah Yolcu, owner of Guraba Publishing House, one of Ibn Baz's students, the Chief Mufti of Saudi Arabia wrote a letter to Erbakan Hodja in the fourth month of his Prime Ministry.
In the aforementioned letter, Ibn Baz congratulated Erbakan Hodja for coming to power, appreciated Erbakan Hodja for his practices, warned him against the tricks of evil forces and also stated that they prayed for him.
According to Abdullah Yolcu, Erbakan Hodja also sent a reply letter to Ibn Baz. Erbakan Hodja thanked Ibn Baz in the letter he wrote. 
Abdullah Yolcu says that when Ibn Baz talks about Erbakan Hodja, he had been saying: “Erbakan is a wise and rational person.”


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