The plane tree: 700 years of history from the Ottoman Empire to the present

The plane tree: 700 years of history from the Ottoman Empire to the present
Date: 29.11.2021 14:40

The plane tree, which is located in the Taraklı district of Sakarya province, which is famous with its historical Ottoman houses, and was the harbinger of the Ottoman State, has been resisting against time for about 700 years.

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People who touch and see the tree, which has been standing for 7 centuries in the Taraklı district, embark on a historical journey. Plane trees, the harbinger of the Ottoman Empire, attract attention. Talking about the story of the tree, Alaattin Yılmaz said that it was one of the first trees to be planted in accordance with the tradition, according to the date of the conquest of Taraklı and the establishment of the Ottoman State. 
“Osman Bey, the founder of the Ottoman State, had a dream one night when he was a guest in Sheikh Edebali's lodge. In this dream, a moon rising from Sheikh Edebali's bosom radiates and sinks into Osman Bey's chest, and a plane tree is formed there. This plane tree later becomes a great plane tree. When this dream is told to Sheikh Edebali in the morning, Sheikh Edebali informs Osman Bey that the Ottoman Empire will be established and that his descendants will rule the whole world. After this dream, the plane tree became the symbol of the authority and order in the Ottoman Empire, and the Ottoman raiders planted plane trees in the places they conquered. This plane tree It is rumored as the tree that Osman Bey planted after conquering Taraklı. We can say that it is one of the first plane trees planted. In addition, when the Ottomans planted plane trees in the places they conquered, they would build fountains next to them, and the fountain next to this plane tree is one of the best examples of this,” Yılmaz said.


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